Friday, October 28, 2011

Morning Call unleashes DA Jim Martin lapdog Kevin Amerman to smear Ed Koren

Here's Morning Call "reporter" Kevin Amerman's 100% spin, non-story smear story.

Readers, obviously, like 69 News, and DA Jim Martin, The Morning Call "newspaper" is scared shitless of ...
their pal DA Jim Martin's challenger Ed Koren. So they're trying to destroy Ed Koren. Anybody not seeing through this? I mean anybody other than DA Jim Martin cash contributors and fellow Good Ol' Boys like Lee Butz, Greg Butz, David Jaindl, Mal Gross, Rev. Grant E. Harrity, Tony Iannelli, John Yurconic, Elmer Gates, Don Cunning-Ham, Judge Wm. Platt, etc., etc., disgraceful.

11/4 UpDate: Amerman Attacks Again

Readers, don't miss "reporter" Kevin Amerman's clever "analysis" of both candidates' campaign claims, and since when do reporters provide unsolicited analysis for us? Amerman (with a straight face) dismisses candidate Koren's campaign claims as being "False," while concluding that the truthfulness of candidate Martin's campaign claims are "nearly impossible to ascertain." And isn't that convenient? For candidate Martin. Now I mean, come on, isn't there some Journalism Integrity 101 police whistle that should have gone off here?