Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Humanities 101

President Obama understands the value of a liberal arts education. He's calling for access to higher education and better educational resources for all our children. He has an interest in history, literature, and the arts. In fact, the one person from the Bush administration that he has asked to stick around is Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Dr. Gates has a master's degree in History, and a Ph.D in Russian and Soviet History.

Through eloquent speeches, aligned with the reality in which we find our nation, Obama inspires confidence during hard times. He calls for educational opportunities that will benefit all of us, and we must respond to his calls. An educated person is a better citizen, and we need better citizens, not just workers and consumers. Look at the damage that "W's" lack of curiosity caused us all. This economic crisis is the result of the soullessness of putting self before the common good, money before morals.

Many Europeans believe that this country is all about money. Should we look for a monetary value in everything? The need for "Humanities 101" is more important now during these tough times than ever, to help people re-examine what they value and care about as humans. Thinking, reasoning, making connections to history is important to Obama and to the people he has chosen to help lead us out of this mess he inherited from the previous administration. Thank goodness we have a smart President, with a heart.
As of March 2, Obama's approval rating is 68%.