Friday, October 2, 2009

"Gentleman (wink wink) Jim" Martin

Readers, FYI, we're still about 2-3 weeks away from being able to follow-through fully on our pledge from a previous post to detail for you exactly how crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin fixes DUI homicide cases for cronies and drinking buddies.

Hang in there w/ us, it'll be worth the wait. 

Through this blog, we’ve been exposing the unhealthy, crony-crooked relationship that has existed between DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call "newspaper" ever since Martin was appointed to his office by the Lehigh County Commissioners in 1998. 

LVS's local blogosphere exposé exclusives include ... 

Jury Rejects DA Martin's Vote-Pandering Prosecution

DA Martin, a YEAR to file charges in a DUI Death? You've got some explaining to do

Jury Tosses DA Jim Martin's Murder Case in an Hour

DA Martin Fails, Child Rapist Freed From Prison  

Our Justice Mission Goal is two-fold:

* To de-throne crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin and replace him with the kind of modern district attorney Lehigh County deserves.

* To spare other grieving families the needless extra agony of having to outmaneuver DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call (like we did) to get justice in Lehigh County.

We fight to get the truth out there, so that hopefully your family won't have to go through what our family continues to battle.