Saturday, November 27, 2010

De-Throning DA Jim Martin Email(s), Incoming, Outgoing ...

Email (containing a link to LVS's most recent post), Incoming, from an influential Lehigh County democrat, [Redacted], that was sent to the Lehigh County Democrats, and to me ...

On Nov 26, 2010, at 11:24:25 AM, [Redacted] wrote:


I realize Mr. Martin is a formidable character, however, a position as DA should not go unopposed. Best wishes as we gear up for a better outcome in 2011.


((Me, Outgoing, replying to

Very well said, [Redacted], thanks. And Jimbo's not even all that formidable, really. In my up close and personal experience with Martin, I found him to be your classic neighborhood bully. Stand up to him, and
knock him on his fat ass (like I do, at will), and he pees his panties and runs for the hills crying. Seriously. He's all bark and zero bite. Well okay, except for the abusing his office and trumping up phony criminal charges against me (or you) in collusion with Tom Corbett ...

but in the end,
Martin lost that one against me too.

My advice: play as dirty as possible against Jim Martin because that's how he plays. And again, it would be my pleasure to help the (
"Is It Low T?" Oh I'm kidding) Lehigh County Democrats beat Jim Martin, give me a ring any time you're ready to admit that you (respectfully) don't have a candidate or a clue regarding how to beat Jim Martin like I can and do every day of the week.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Bill Villa

[Pictured: Lehigh County DA (for now) Jim (hiccup) Martin (left) w/ Lehigh County Executive (just barely) Don Cunning-Ham who didn't send me the email referenced above; remember, I said an "influential" Lehigh County democrat]