Monday, August 9, 2010

Allentown: Well we're living here with crony collusion, sadistic cruelty, and spineless apathy ... [Part 1]

Dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher, Sheena Villa, my first born and only daughter, was killed by a maniacal drunk driver on her 25th birthday in March 2006. Sheena was front seat passenger in a violent, airborne crash into a tree near the Rose Garden in Allentown. Police reconstructed the crash at a minimum speed of 85 miles per hour on a 35MPH residential street. The drunk driver's blood alcohol content was .24, 3X the legal limit, and even historically lenient on drunk drivers, Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin admitted on camera that Sheena and a 2nd passenger had feared for their lives and had "cautioned" the drunk driver to slow down before the fatal crash.

In March 2010, at the political blog of Allentown City Council Vice President and Cedar Crest College Ethics Professor W. Michael Donovan, Donovan and several area bloggers, all w/ affiliations to Allentown's monopoly newspaper, The Morning Call, "commemorated" the 4th anniversary of Sheena's death by cyber-punishing her grief-stricken family for the entire month of March.

Among the hundreds of vile and filth-laden blog comments targeting the Villa family that Donovan cooperatively published were allegations of necrophilia involving Sheena. Further false and libelous comments published by City Council VP Donovan claimed that Sheena's dad Bill Villa "snorts Sheena's ashes," "drinks his own urine," has made "terroristic threats" against District Attorney James B. Martin, and has "threatened to kill" employees of The Morning Call newspaper.

Ethics Professor Donovan responded to these irresponsible and purposefully damaging character assassination smears in a blog comment himself that declared, "I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read."

Many of the vile and filth-laden comments targeting the Villa family at Donovan's blog were posted, and signed, by Lehigh County Democratic Party committeeman from Trexlertown, CHRIS CASEY.

but only after the (recently reconstituted, by Donovan) Allentown "Ethics" Board had decreed that Donovan had not acted unethically ... per Allentown's Code of Ethics ...

and Allentown's only newspaper had quoted Donovan's blog perpetrators as Donovan character witnesses in The Morning Call's skillfully incomplete coverage by Jarrett Renshaw and Bill White.

Now, the first and third Wednesdays of each month, Sheena's Dad Bill Villa is a most unwelcome guest speaker at Allentown City Council's spinelessly apathetic "Courtesy of the Floor," where I politely request, and am being coldly denied, an apology by highly unethical and sadistically cruel Ethics Professor and colluding City Council Vice President W. Michael Donovan ...

What kind of place is this Allentown?

In an LVS exclusive rolling out in installments over the coming days and weeks, you will learn The Inconvenient Truth about Allentown-- its crony collusion, sadistic cruelty, and spineless apathy.

Allentown's parks are real nice.

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