Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Wig Lehigh County Dems Skip Breakfast

On Saturday morning Feb 19 at Fullerton Memorial Park, the Lehigh County Democrats officially kicked off their 2011 campaign season with a well-attended Pancake Breakfast. It was great getting to mix & mingle with fellow Democrats, many running or re-running for elected office, and it was my pleasure to sign ballot petitions for most of them.

But in a stunning display of non-solidarity, and in a disturbingly right-leaning political atmosphere where Democrats need to stick together more than ever, curiously not in attendance Saturday were the following big wig local Democrats ...

Lehigh County Executive Don Cunning-Ham.

Allentown's popular Mayor Ed Pawlowski.

Allentown City Council President Mike D'Amore, who is allegedly "running" for judge.

Allentown City Councilors Jeanette Eichenwald and Pete Schweyer, who are both allegedly "running" for reelection.

Outgoing Allentown City Council Vice President "W" Mike Donovan, and his wife, Morning Call freelancer, Diana Morse.

Allentown City Councilors Julio Guridy, Ray O'Connell, and Mike "Giggles" Schlossberg ...

all were off doing something apparently more important than supporting their own candidacies, and those of their fellow Democrats.

Come on, Lehigh County Democrats, get your shit together, there are some big races this campaign season.

Admittedly the pancakes were delicious.