Saturday, July 24, 2010

Email, Incoming, from Allentown City Councilman Julio Guridy

On Jul 23, 2010, at 9:51:57 AM, Julio Guridy wrote:

Good morning, Bill. Quite frankly, I have been avoiding the issue because I know you for a long time and also because I have to work with Donovan as my colleague in City Council. I think this has gotten personal between you two and I do not want to get involved, nor take any side. My opinion is that at this time this issue doesn’t belong in the legislative body of the City. Lastly, I believe that it is a civil issue that you and Donavan should deal with outside of the City Council Chambers


On Jul 23, 2010, at 10:58:26 AM,
Bill Villa wrote:

Julio, while I appreciate you finally getting back to me, and hope you are doing well, I am deeply disappointed that you
"do not want to get involved," "nor take any side" in this serious personal and public matter that involves the current Vice President of the City Council on which you currently serve.

There's no gray area here when it comes to Donovan's wrongdoing-- clearly it was wrong for Donovan to (in his own words)
"just let all comments run because they are fun to read," as Donovan gave Chris Casey and [Redacted] carte blanche the entire month of March 2010 to defile my deceased daughter Sheena, my wife Angie, my son Gianni, and myself-- at a blog Donovan uses to speak to constituents as a City Councilor, i.e., as a legislator.

Equally crystal clear here is what the "right thing to do" is: for Donovan to apologize to my family and me.

Choosing to
"not get involved," "nor to take any side" ... when you could be choosing to apply pressure on Donovan to apologize, and bring this shameful episode in Allentown legislator history to a definitive close ... is very disappointing.

Prior to receiving this email from you, I had been impressed with both your integrity, and your leadership qualities.

Bill Villa


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