Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Karen Beck Pooley Gone. Was Muhlenberg College Professor/Hubby Jeff To Blame?

[Update: LVS's inconvenient facts force Jeff Pooley into blogging retirement but is it already too late to save his job? Stay tuned for 'bombshell no one will see coming' on this story ...] We've never heard anything but good things about the now ex-head of the Allentown Redevelopment Authority Karen Beck Pooley PhD who resigned yesterday, see Morning Call "newspaper" account.

Another story altogether, however, is Karen Beck Pooley's under-achieving total embarrassment of a husband, stoner Muhlenberg College assistant professor of media and communication, Jeff Pooley.

Co-dependently kissing up to both Allentown's card club of cranky curmudgeon native elder know-it-alls and "new boy network" wanna-be in power types at his precociously precious and passive-aggressive blog Allentown Afterthoughts, assistant professor Pooley routinely encourages kvetching sabotage of popular Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski ... his wife's now ex-employer. Hey. Some savvy 'media and communication' there, assistant professor P.

But the last straw may have been the hate speech and libel forum Jeff Pooley enabled for Mayor Pawlowski's most delusional detractor, outgoing VP of Allentown City Council (and Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor), W. Michael Donovan.

Although Allentown City Council as a whole has been a continuous source of head-shaking embarrassment for the squeaky clean Pawlowski administration, the in-depth and shocking exposé of Jeff Pooley's pal W. Michael Donovan by 69 News ... coupled w/ provoking blogger Pooley's afterthought fanning of the flames ... sadly, may have made Karen Beck Pooley's position vulnerable.

We wish her well.

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