Thursday, June 7, 2012

DA Jim Martin caves to citizen pressure, finally charges killer of Michael Randolph

[UpDated 6/17, 6:30pm]
After 40 days of online, on-street, and political pressure ...
WFMZ-TV 69 "News" dutifully and lapdog loyally "reports" on (and of course does not question) DA Jim Martin's bullshit and ultimately 'bargain' plea down-negotiable "voluntary manslaughter" charges against the killer of Michael Randolph [watch 69 "News" broadcast].

Turns out Michael Randolph's white killer Andrew Gesslein [Criminal Docket] is a law enforcement insider who works for ex-cop Pat Badolato/Eye In The Sky, inconvenient facts that were purposefully concealed by our local media for 28 days but were reported on exposé exclusively here at LVS over a month ago.

Crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin is going easy on Andrew Gesslein ... incredibly, our DA Jim Martin-colluding local media has published NO PHOTOS of caucasian licensed NRA Firearms Instructor/killer Andrew Gesslein [Criminal Docket] ... no perp walk, no mug shot, no nuthin', while peppering and slanting their coverage w/ numerous photos of the deceased victim Michael Randolph.

The just and appropriate charge in this case is 2nd degree murder, like George Zimmerman got for killing Trayvon Martin.

Here's the skillfully incomplete article from DA Jim Martin's primary local press agent and colluding truth concealer, The Morning Call "newspaper."

Stay tuned to LVS for exclusive exposé coverage of citizen grass roots efforts to get Andrew Gesslein [Criminal Docket] charged w/ the crime he committed against Michael Randolph, 2nd degree murder.

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