Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome email from astute reader

Bill, I spent some time reading stuff on your website, and I must confess ...
that even knowing beforehand how rotten and how corrupt some of our local officials are, I was still very shocked at their level of depravity and lack of compassion regarding the loss of your daughter. Their comments are staggering, and their emotional intelligence low. But for the grace of God, there go they (not a threat). I am so sorry that you guys had to suffer the painful onslaught of their evil words, in addition to the loss of someone who obviously meant so much to you. Again, I am just floored. I had no idea that there seems to be no depth to the level of their evil. Hang in there. It's amazing that you have still tried to bring about positive change, while confronting such horrific individuals. [Author's name withheld via mutual agreement, amplifying links added by LVS w/ author's approval]