Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Delete "Anonymous" Defilers

Readers, whenever you see this notification in a comment thread at LVS:

"Comment deleted
This post has been removed by a blog administrator"

... it's oftentimes there to (legally) mark a vile "anonymous" comment we've received and have chosen to publish and immediately delete. Most we never publish.

Some of the deleted comments are along the lines of the comment we are re-printing "FYI" below here, and which is curiously and frequently referenced by Lehigh County Democratic Party committee "man" from Trexlertown, Chris Casey, elsewhere in our local blogosphere.
Casey seems curiously attached to and proud of this comment, and he has signed his name to similar blog comments. This particular comment was originally posted here at LVS ("anonymously") and was subsequently re-posted ("anonymously") at the blog of Allentown City Council vice president (for now) "W" Mike Donovan (we have hard copy).
As was reported on by 69 News, this comment was one of the comments that Cedar Crest College ethics professor "W" Mike Donovan declared at his blog was "fun to read."


"Anonymous" said...
You are one sick Mother. What do you do,keep your daughter's dead body in the basement so you can whore it around like a trophy? You oughta call this the How I whore my dead daughter blog. I bet you masterbate on her everytime you mention the name of one of your enemies. You and your wife are two of the sickest fucks I have ever read. Get some help. Fri Jan 08, 02:59:00 PM 2010


Dear Readers, we mention this only to correct any misconceptions that we are "muzzling dissent" here at LVS when we delete a comment. We're not. We publish all comments that aren't defiling us, or our already painful enough loss.
Thanks for understanding.
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