Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will Tom Corbett "Tap" DA Jim (hiccup) Martin as Temporary Attorney General?

Readers, although our blogosphere's local "media critic" Muhlenberg College's Doctor Jeff Pooley PhD curiously has nothing to say on this one, I can't help but notice ...

There's absolutely no "story" in
John Micek's Morning Call "story" on who may succeed Tom Corbett as temporary PA State Attorney General.

John Micek's spin/weave is all hearsay and gossip based on, "according to one observer," who is not named. [Note: Micek mentions a Morning Call-affiliated Muhlenberg College political science crony and pollster three-quarters of the way down the page later ... is this John Micek's "one observer?" It's skillfully unclear].

Is Micek's "one observer" Jim Martin?

Even creepier is that via Micek's "tribute" (tax deductible?), DA Jim Martin did not have to spend one reelection campaign dollar to get his picture on the front page of the online "newspaper" for 36 hours in an election year for him. Jesus. Only in ALLENTOWN.

Here's my informed opinion on John Micek's ludicrously transparent, kiss-blowing and ass-kissing article on DA Jim Martin in Saturday's "newspaper" ...

There's no way Jim Martin is gonna drag his Fat 'N Boozy ass to Harrisburg for 2 years to
"keep the seat warm" in the PA State Attorney General's office. What dutiful sellout John Micek and Martin's Morning Call "newspaper" drinking buddies are doing here is blowing smoke up the depends-laden derrieres of their geriatric (super voter) readers so when Martin "opts" to stay here and "run" (unopposed again?) for another term as DA he looks like a champ for having unselfishly "chosen" Lehigh County over Harrisburg and any personal political ambitions-- as if Jimbo has any ambition beyond not falling off the bar stool at the Hogan's Club.

I (respectfully) tried to post my opinion on all this in a comment at John Micek's Morning Call online article but my signed comment was deleted repeatedly. Apparently there are no "under-staffed" problems at the "newspaper" when it comes to muzzling Bill Villa, even on a weekend.

One thing I do know (first-hand) that is absolutely true in John Micek's article: Tom Corbett and Jim Martin are "longtime friends." And friends will sometimes do anything for each other.

Recently, John Micek went on record saying he's investigating whether Tom Corbett and Jim Martin engaged in collusion against me.

But then Micek curiously and inexplicably disappeared.

Come back John, I'd be happy to be a named source for you on crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin.

Dr. Pooley ... your "thoughts?"