Monday, March 7, 2011

Facts The Morning Call "newspaper" refused to cover: Debbie Garlicki's Stinky Cover-Up

Criminal Docket: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Christopher Stephen Squires

Relevant story, from The Morning Call "newspaper," Allentown man admits DUI death | By Debbie Garlicki Of The Morning Call

9/26/07 > Chris Mohney said...
"The Homicide while DUI was "dropped" because the hospital lost or never had the proper paperwork to maintain a chain of custody on the drivers blood. Once that charge was gone there was no plea bargain, Squires simply pled guilty to the balance of the charges. I told the reporter that yesterday when we spoke but she omitted it from the article. I obviously wish the whole truth had been printed. Thanks LVHC"

Readers, this next installment in LVS's ongoing exclusive exposé series will be an especially explosive and damaging one, purposefully coming out in an election year for DA Jim Martin.

Check back for the full text and the disturbing and verifiable facts The Morning Call "newspaper" refused to cover. Note: blog posting day & time pending a response from Judge Steinberg.