Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Curious Housecleaning @ Nutty Professor (for now) "W" Mike Donovan's Blog

Best Comments: "You made him take action! That's great. From the outside, it definitely looks like YOU WON. People won't find the posts any more." "I AM SO IMPRESSED! Just LOVED your summary. You did GREAT! Keep up the good work!" "God forbid this guy actually hold himself ACCOUNTABLE for the drivel he spews...not like he's an elected official or anything...Oh wait." "Proper social behavior" would be for Donovan to: 1) Accept in his heart that it was wrong for him to allow the sick insults to members of the Villa family, living and dead, to stand on his blog as long as they did (remember his remark that the comments were "Fun to read"?). 2) State the above on his new blog. 3) Apologize to the Villa family." "If Donovan would have such a Come-To-Jesus epiphany, I don't doubt Bill Villa would respond with forgiveness." "Where's their "transparency in government" ethics now? Transparent, indeed, Team Donovan is, like a pane of glass. Pathetic." "That's Donovan! Classy to the End (with apologies to shitlover Bill White. Not.)." "FYI: Cancer is beatable. Bill Villa isn't." "Tenacious V." "Keep attacking." "Just look at your track record in defeating and exposing evil and evil's dunces." "So many of those now-poofed taunting comments at Donivan's blog had DARED Bill to "show his face" at City Council. Oopsie!" "Savvy, Mike." "What a delusional nit-wit." "[still] no apology to you and your family." "It's the end of Donivan's political career." " ... by our count, The Morning Call "newspaper" has read this post and all its comments over 2,500 times already."]

For starters, the entry portal to Donovan's formerly parallel old blog design is now accessible only to Invited Readers ... 12/22 Update: it appears that petulant and passive-aggressive duped dunce Donovan has put all of his anti-Villas blog filth back up on the internet after having deleted it all in June 2010, certainly there will be grave consequences for doing this, more later ...

that is, this is where you'll end up (i.e., blocked) if you're, say, a member of Allentown City Council and you're trying to click on the links in the WORD file I sent each of them, so they could go to the offending Donovan blog posts and read all the vile comments Donovan published about me and my family in context.

Well not anymore they can't, because Ethics Zen Master Donovan has barred the door on them. How uncivil.

You cannot get to those vile posts from the links in my WORD file anymore ... or ... from any of the links to Donovan's blog that are on LVS's right sidebar.

Now, when you go to Donovan's new blog design ... Inclusion by Michael Donovan ...

... which, by the way, you can click to w/ utmost ultra smoothness from the sidebars of Donovan's fellow Morning Call-Affiliated "News" blogger blogs (e.g., Molovinsky Always Kvetching About Allentown), you'll notice that there are no archives at Donovan's blog anymore. Poof!

So ... if you want to access the offensive posts I submitted to the Ethics Board, you have to know the title of each post, and SEARCH for it. Handy.

And IF you get there, all the comments are now gone (poof!) from the first several offensive posts in the dated sequence of vileness, except for one comment by an "anonymous" that links to this LVS post.

However, as you move through all 8 offensive posts, by date, from farthest away to nearest, you can see (and almost hear) Donovan starting to grind his teeth, obviously resenting the comment deletions I've forced him into making ... and so he starts leaving more and more offensive comments up ... he of course takes down the comments most damaging to him (necrophilia, urine drinking, etc.) but he leaves plenty of taunting Team Casey/Donovan provocations up there wailing away on me, and my family-- for example, my wife Angie is still "going to hell" and my 8 year old son Gianni is "poison."

And Trexlertown's Chris Casey is still up there at Donovan's blog libelously claiming I've sent "threats of violence" to employees at The Morning Call "newspaper," but despite Chris's insider access at the "newspaper," Chris presents no evidence, just false (and signed) spew-- which "W" Mike Donovan has made the conscious decision (for a 2nd time) to keep perpetuating.

Tellingly, Donovan has deleted all the comments I had posted, and had signed my name to, where I was (respectfully & civilly) kicking the crap out of all 3 of them in defense of myself. Team Donovan doesn't want you to see that.

Also gone (natch) is Donovan's now infamous smoking gun comment:

"I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read." Poof!

So, remarkably true to pusillanimous and dishonest form, Donovan ...

* Deleted the worst vile that made him look bad, now that he knew people were looking at it, or, trying to, for a while there ...

* Deleted the stuff that made me look good (i.e., all my
signed comments)

* Probably now thinks he doesn't have to apologize to me (guess again Mike) b/c the vilest comments are down, so ...
"What MORE do you want, Mr. Villa?!"

* Never notified me of the housecleaning (which obviously was done all for
his benefit and not mine or my family's)

* Has just proven to the planet that he's Pusillanimous Personified + Caught Red-Handed Dishonest = Duped Dunce

Readers, even though my next scheduled appearance at Allentown City Council on July 21 may now be perceived as "piling on" by most duped dunces, I'm still going, AND, I'll be armed w/ an ALL NEW 3-Minute Exposé Essay on Allentown City Council VP (for now) "W" Mike Donovan.

Don't miss a minute of the action!

Come early and sit in the Press Box w/ Team Donovan members Bill White, Jarrett Renshaw, Chris Casey, and Dr. Bob Romancheck.