Thursday, July 8, 2010

Upcoming Villas Justice Mission Events


July 21, 2010

Allentown City Council, "Courtesy of the Floor," 7:30pm.

Bill Villa speaks truth to power again and hammers a few more nails in the political coffin of Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) "W" Mike Donovan (left).

Will Donovan publicly apologize to the Villa family?

Will Donovan publicly refuse to apologize?

Will TV news cameras capture & broadcast all the action?

Will spooky NeoCon "Doctor" Bob Romancheck be there again defending "W" Donovan's right to perpetuate sadistically cruel libel against the Villa family involving necrophilia?

Will "Power of Women" Pam Varkony and Cedar Crest College President Carmen Twillie Ambar be there cheering on "W" Donovan too?

How 'bout Team Donovan grandstanders Mike Schlossberg? And Bill White?

Will Kathy Frederick be there w/ "W" Donovan's Valley Blogosphere allies?

Where does Allentown Mayoral Hopeful Mike Molovinsky stand on this issue?

And most importantly, which members of Allentown City Council will speak out against Donovan? And which ones will cower and hide behind the whitewash ruling of the Allentown "Ethics" Board and demonstrate their approval of necrophilia accusations against a grief-stricken Allentown family w/ their pusillanimous silence?

Inquiring minds will find out on July 21.