Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Donovan Not Guilty of Anything," Ethics Board hisses, then slithers away ...

Whoa. And WOW.

It was way worse of a whitewash sham/scam than anything we had even expected. And we've seen some pretty crony/cozy case fix doozies in the past few years, and some nifty failed fix attempts at shutting us up. None have worked and this latest muzzle won't work either. We'll continue speaking truth to power around here and YELLING it, whenever appropriate.

The three "person" Allentown "Ethics" (wink wink) Board, Rev. Dr. Grant Harrity, Rev. Canon Maria Tjeltveit, Hugh J. Gallagher, actually commended Donovan for not using any City letterhead or stationery in the commission of his outrageous transgressions against my family, or some such, we haven't re-read their "findings" yet.

Here's my complaint again, which, in a nut shell, is that I, um, "take offense" at being falsely and sadistically and libelously portrayed at Donovan's blog (w/ the published approval of Donovan) as being a "convicted criminal" who has made "terroristic threats against DA Jim Martin," while also having "threatened to kill employees of The Morning Call," and that I engage in necrophilia with my deceased daughter.

Yep. Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) and Cedar Crest College Ethics Professor Mike Donovan giddily published those and hundreds of other equally vile comments at his blog against me and my family, at one point chiming in hisself w/ a comment that read, "I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read ..."

I guess the abbreviated Allentown Ethics Board thinks I'm just "oh too thin-skinned" or something, but in any case, they like Mike! AND, the two non-Allentonians they waived their own "Allentown Only" speakers rule on and allowed to address the Board. And these two were the same two cretins who had posted and signed all those vile comments at Donovan's blog that had put their political pally Donovan in the ethical hot seat to begin w/ ... vile comments (13 pages worth) that the "Ethics" Board had (presumably?) read in my submitted evidence.

"Ethics" Board Attorney Charles J. Fonzone actually greeted disgraced ex-lawyer O'Hare w/ a kiddingly warm, "Hi Bernie, looks like you've gained some weight." Only in Allentown. And Bethlehem. Wind Gap. Nazareth. Easton. And all of Lehigh & Northampton counties. O'Hare-Duped Dunces are everywhere.

BTW, other Team Donovan/Casey/O'Hare members in attendance cheering on Donovan included spooky GOP RightWingNut Dr. Bob Romancheck, Morning Call "columnist" and O'Hare shit-lover Bill White, and shameless blog publicity whore and community disorganizer Alfonso Todd.

UpDate: Here's a relatively fair & balanced report from 69 News ... they're "getting" a lot of the story out there, although Donovan's "innocent" (wink wink) "maybe I should moderate my blog more closely" act is really pathetic theatre. Donovan passively/aggressively whipped up a blog frenzy against The Villa family for weeks and he let that necrophilia comment stand for 17 hours before deleting it only because we called him out on it here. Ask A-Town City Council President Mike D'Amore about all this, the Donovan Ethics Debacle developed over time, w/ Donovan fanning the flames. And if Donovan's really concerned about those hundreds of vile comments that somehow (wink wink) "slipped by him," any plans to delete them, Mike?

6/3 UpDate: There's a skillfully incomplete account in today's Morning Call "newspaper." Incredibly, they quote O'Hare as a Donovan "character" (wink wink) witness but conveniently forget to mention that it was O'Hare who posted and signed 50% of the vile comments on Donovan's blog that got Donovan hauled in front of the Ethics Board (Casey signed the other 50%). Then they link to O'Hare's blog ("Other Allentown Sources") where you can read Donovan's response to my Ethics Board complaint which Donovan has provided to his political Svengali pally O'Hare as an exclusive. Hey, that's what "Closed Loop Cronyism" friends are for, I guess. And guess what: the cozy cronies are now colluding in plain sight, because they know you don't care and you won't be doing anything about it. Excellent Question: How come The Morning Call doesn't link to 69 News as another "Allentown Source?"