Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Allentown: Well we're living here with crony collusion, sadistic cruelty, and spineless apathy ... [Part 2]

In September 2008, Lynn Township Supervisor and attorney (for now) David Najarian (then a loyal Morning Call "Valley Blogosphere" selectee/honoree), launched a custom blog designed to defend DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call "newspaper" against my exposé onslaughts, and, more importantly, to provoke me into something/anything that could be prosecutable so that DA Jim Martin could throw me in jail and shut me up.

Provocations at the "Troll" blog attorney Najarian started included allowing breathtakingly vile comments about Sheena to be posted there; a dizzying array of deceit-laden lies and spins; personal attack insults directed at my wife Angie; and a blog dialogue initiated by attorney Najarian that was a discussion on how to sabotage my daughter Sheena's then upcoming wrongful death litigation. Note: the hundreds of provoking comments at attorney Najarian's dozen-plus "Troll" blog posts were recently all deleted; we have hard copies of everything.

When I never responded in any way that was inappropriate and/or legally actionable (I did politely request an apology from Najarian which he refused), attorney Najarian just went ahead and filed a private criminal complaint for "harassment" against me anyway.

Najarian filed it w/ his close pal, Slatington Magisterial District Judge Rod Beck, who, unethically, per rules for District Magistrates, sits on a Lynn Township Board (Recreation), having been appointed there by (you guessed it) attorney Dave Najarian, Lynn Township Supervisor.

Not surprisingly, there was a not so hidden agenda at play here, as NeoCon Republican David Najarian's harassment complaint against me revolved around this, as noted in his complaint:

"Villa wrote: "I don't care how many people are in the way of what I'm trying to accomplish, which is exposing and bringing down two genuinely bad guys, Jim Martin, and Glenn Kranzley. I can't be stopped. Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals."

In his "harassment" (against whom?) complaint, David Najarian helpfully brays, "By way of background, Jim Martin is District Attorney of Lehigh County! Glenn Kranzley is the Editor of The Morning Call newspaper!"

Najarian then digresses briefly to boast that his blog was one of the original members of the Valley Blogosphere "community" of bloggers at The Morning Call "newspaper." What a coincidence.

So, "Judge" Beck was all lined up to find me GUILTY for his pals Dave Najarian and
Jim Martin. Until we told "Judge" Beck we knew about his Lynn Township connection w/ Dave Najarian. "Judge" Beck subsequently recused himself.

DA Jim Martin "seized the opportunity" (although in typical Jim Martin fashion it took him 10 months), and Martin sent Najarian's "criminal" (wink wink) complaint against me to the office of longtime Jim Martin pally, the PA State Attorney General Tom Corbett. Yep. Attorney General Corbett's office actually "investigated" (wink wink) Najarian's phony charges against me and, incredibly, approved them to go forward.

When crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin forwarded Dave Najarian's phony harassment charges against me to his pal the PA State Attorney General Tom Corbett (to appear "unbiased" and "above-board"), in the very letter that he recused hisself, DA Martin told AG Corbett's office that "Mr. Villa has been relentless in his defamatory attacks upon me"-- i.e., DA Martin was clearly asking AG Corbett to read between the lines of Dave Najarian's bogus criminal complaint against me and find a crime that was not there.

Sadly, it back-fired on all of them as Dave Najarian, Rod Beck, Jim Martin, and Tom Corbett all got their crony-crooked colluding asses whipped in court by yours truly.

Nothing in Dave Najarian's dishonest and transparently bogus private criminal complaint against me qualified as "harassment" and Judge Halal agreed.

LVS fans: keep reading our "Allentown" series, there's tons more reeking crony collusion to be examined.

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