Thursday, November 11, 2010

DA Jim Martin's Petty Payback Backfires

Martin's Motive: I outmaneuvered DA Jim Martin (and The Morning Call "newspaper") and got a table scrap of justice for the connected killer of my daughter Sheena. This really pissed them off.

Martin's Means: Abusing the power of his office as he routinely does, Jim Martin arranged for totally bogus criminal charges to be approved against me by the office of Martin's longtime pal, PA State Attorney General, and now Governor, Tom Corbett. Miraculously, Martin's petty payback backfired and justice prevailed.

Martin's Cover: If DA Jim Martin driving drunk and w/ a car-full of hookers crashed and took out the entire first floor of the Butz Building at 9th & Hamilton, The Morning Call's headline would be: "DA Martin Cracks Prostitution Ring." An exaggeration? We think not. Scour The Morning Call archives as we have, and if you can find a "news" article even remotely negative or critical of DA Jim Martin, we'll give you a free Villas CD. The lengths to which The Morning Call "newspaper" goes to purposefully look the other way on DA Jim Martin's crookedness and incompetence is truly something to behold.



Game On.

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