Saturday, July 31, 2010

Strange Bedfellows: Chris Casey, "W" Mike Donovan, Lehigh County Democrats

Email, Outgoing, to Lehigh County Democratic Committee Executive Board, Officers, Chair Rick Daugherty (w/ U.S. flag), 1st Vice-Chair Bar Johnston, 2nd Vice Chair Walter Felton Jr., Secretary Shelly Lee, Treasurer Celeste Dee, cc'd to State Committee Members Mike Fegley, Ed Pawlowski, and Democrat Party Caucus and District Representative members Bill Leiner, Tom Slonaker, Pete Wernsdorfer, Dave Follweiler, also cc'd to Chris Casey (above/faux left), "W" Mike Donovan (out there/right), and Scott Ott, Executive Director, Lehigh County Republican Committee.

On Jul 31, 2010, at 10:28:28 AM,
Bill Villa wrote:

FYI: for the second time in 4 months,
Chris Casey, Lehigh County Democratic Party Committee "man" from Trexlertown has perpetrated sadistic cruelty, harassment, and libel in the local blogosphere against the grief-stricken family of Sheena Villa
from Allentown.

Last time you may recall, Allentown City Council VP "W" Mike Donovan kept all of Casey's anti-Villas vile up at his blog for nearly 4 months after declaring that Casey's sadistically cruel comments (some intimating necrophilia) were "fun to read,"according to Donovan.

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Please start finding the voters of Lehigh County better Democratic candidates and office holders.

Start with the office of
Lehigh County District Attorney.

Thanks for your consideration.

Bill Villa

Additional recipients of this email include the Allentown "Ethics" Board (Rev. Dr. Grant Harrity, Rev. Canon Maria Tjeltveit, Hugh Gallagher, J. Jackson Eaton), Allentown City Council, Rob Vaughn, Joscelyn Moes, Brad Rinehart (69 News), Scott Grim (Lehigh County Coroner), Joe Brennan, Jennifer Mann, Doug Reichley (PA State Reps), Percy Dougherty, Gloria Hamm, Daniel McCarthy, David Jones (Lehigh County Commissioners), Jarrett Renshaw, Bill White, John Micek, Dave Erdman, Mike Miorelli, Tim Ryan (The Morning Call "newspaper"), Joe Hilliard (right), Joe Owens, Jim Deegan, Martin Till (Express-Times), Jeff Pooley, Karen Beck Pooley, Courtney Robinson, Geoff Brace, Pete Lewnes, Don CunningHam, Sarah Fulton, Alan Jennings, Pam Varkony, Miriam Huertas and Tony Iannelli (Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce), Neil Hever, Charles James, and Bill Dautremont-Smith (WDIY Community Public Radio), and the Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, to name a few ...