Friday, December 3, 2010

"W" Mike Donovan Can Dish It Out But He Can't Take It

Readers, here's a signed comment I've posted at "W" Mike Donovan's moderated and exclusionary blog, "Inclusion," that so far (sigh) has been haughtily denied inclusion by a cowering Donovan.

Bill Villa said... "W," the local media and the voters and even our duped dunce local blogosphere are all finally seeing through you for what you are:

a petulant, pouting, and pusillanimous phony.

This is the karma boomerang [pictured, above left] you've had coming to you, for what you did to my good family ...

Hopefully there's more (and way worse) payback karma heading your way, and we're loving it.

Best Comment
Anonymous said...

Truly despicable that Donovan would allow Chris Casey to post hundreds of sadistic and vile comments about [the Villa] family at his ["Inclusion"] blog but [he] blocks Bill's comment[s].