Sunday, September 25, 2011

Will DA Jim Martin "Executive Aide" and ex-Morning Call "reporter" Debbie Garlicki face The Inconvenient Facts this week?

[UpDate: Garlicki still hiding, ducking me]

Email, Outgoing, to DA Jim Martin "Executive Aide," Debbie Garlicki, cc'd to DA Jim Martin (left).

On Saturday 9/24/11 at 11:40am Bill Villa wrote:

Subject Heading: You Getting Back To Me

Hi Debbie, on Sept 20, I spoke (briefly) w/ deputy DA Craig Scheetz who, after refusing to answer a query by Morning Call "reporter" Kevin Amerman also refused to speak w/ me (a Lehigh County taxpayer) about the stunning upset acquittal of Roberto Rios.

Instead, deputy DA Craig Scheetz directed me to speak w/ you, Debbie.

As you know, I left you a polite and detailed voicemail message on Sept 20 that not even former PA State Attorney General Tom Corbett and your boss (for now) DA Jim Martin could construe as (wink wink) "harassment."

When you blew me off, I politely emailed you on Sept 22 asking when can I expect you to get back to me-- per deputy DA Craig Scheetz's directive to me that I speak w/ you, Debbie, and I'm not one to ignore a directive from law enforcement.

Again you blew me off.

Debbie, as a taxpayer and citizen exposé journalist, I am politely asking you for a [3rd] time to please arrange a time to speak w/ me in person, or over the phone, to discuss the stunning acquittal of Roberto Rios and also your role in DA Jim Martin's and chief deputy DA Renee Smith's blatant, 11th hour fixing of the Chris Squires DUI homicide case.

As of now, my Monday 9/26 is wide open, let me know.


Bill Villa