Saturday, July 9, 2011

Paul Carpenter covers 'unscrupulous' DAs but gives DA Jim Martin another free pass

In his latest Morning Call "newspaper" opinion column, Paul Carpenter rails against unscrupulous judges and district attorneys, see Prosecutors use more than facts.

Among those raked over the Carpenter coals and branded as unscrupulous are Casey Anthony prosecuting DA Jeff Ashton, former Philadelphia assistant DA Richard Sprague, and Duke University lacrosse team rape case-fixer, Durham North Carolina DA Mike Nifong who was de-throned and disbarred for his unscrupulous prosecutorial misconduct.

Carpenter closes by writing ...

" ... you may think all this is amusing, until the day a member of your family becomes the target of an unscrupulous prosecutor."

Tell me about it. Hey Paul, we have an unscrupulous prosecutor heading up the Lehigh County District Attorney's office in an election year, a guy who you have repeatedly and helpfully and disingenuously branded as "no nonsense" DA Jim Martin.

Paul, you and I both know of quite a few families who have been the target of DA Jim Martin's unchecked unscrupulousness, including the families of ...

Sheena Villa, Zachary Mohney, Shaun Buenzly, Veronica Rohrer, Rahiem Melvin, David Rivera, Sun Cha Chon, Jane Baker, Rick Hoffman, Denise Merhi, Dennis Marsh, Alvin Marsh, Steve Zernhelt, Charles Cullen's local victims, and the taxpayers of Lehigh County.

Here, Paul, I've compiled it all for you, in one handy and verifiably factual collection ...

... which really should not remain exposé exclusive to Lehigh Valley Somebody in an election year.

Paul, start w/ the man in the mirror and start telling the truth about (hiccup) DA Jim Martin.

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