Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Judge Robert L. Steinberg spews sore loser racist rant at Andrew Gesslein sentencing

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[June 12] 
Judge Steinberg:

Regarding Michael Randolph’s remorseless killer Andrew Gesslein, your only job on June 11, 2013 was to sentence Gesslein and to punish him for the crime a jury found him guilty of.

Instead, you decided to attack and punish the deceased victim, Michael Randolph, and his grieving family.

I was there and I was shocked by your cruelty.

Judge reluctantly sends guard to prison for killing aspiring rapper -The Morning Call

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Contrary to local media accounts that continue to purposefully depart from reality regarding what really happened, an all-white jury did not believe that Michael Randolph “forced” his way into the North End Republican Club on April 29, 2012; they did not believe that Randolph “tussled” with Gesslein; they did not believe that Michael Randolph “reached” for a gun; and they did not believe that Andrew Gesslein shot Michael Randolph in self-defense. The jury believed the prosecution’s highly credible witnesses and the autopsy physician who all testified that Michael Randolph was shot in the back, multiple times, as he was running away from Andrew Gesslein.

But apparently you know better? Even with surveillance video, four credible witnesses, the timing of it all, and common sense supporting the jury’s just verdict, you had the audacity to parrot Gesslein defense attorney James Martin Connell's un-believed spin and the local media's sensational lies, that is, "forced," "tussled," "reached," etc., from the bench yesterday. Obviously, you were formulating your own verdict, when you should have been listening to the sworn testimony the jury based their correct verdict on.

Tragically, I counted six shots that you fired with malice into the backs of the Randolph family in open court yesterday …

1. “If Andrew Gesslein had been a police officer he would not have even been charged.” Related Story

2. “The victim and shooter couldn’t be more different.”
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3. “So let's not say Mr. Randolph was this wonderful person, because he was not.”

4. “I’m ‘handcuffed’ by the law” (to impose a mandatory minimum 5-year state prison sentence).

5. “I will recommend that Andrew Gesslein be sent to a minimum-security facility.”

6. “Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’”

So, Judge Steinberg … your “Honor” … apparently you believe that Michael Randolph got what he deserved, eh? That's sad.

FYI: you lost, because we handcuffed you and Luksa and Martin;  too bad we couldn’t have muzzled you as well. You should have kept your hateful opinions to yourself instead of “getting them off your chest” in open court.

You need to apologize publicly to the Randolph family and the Commonwealth and step down from the bench immediately.

You’re a disgrace to jurisprudence and humanity.


Bill Villa
[Emailed to Judge Steinberg]


An all-white jury didn't give them the not guilty verdict they wanted, so now Team Martin/Steinberg/Morning Call is considering simply changing the rules so they can set a confessed and convicted killer free. 

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