Friday, August 17, 2012

Assistant DA Steven Luksa KO'd, pulverized by Bill Villa during courthouse debate

[Updated today]

LVS attended the formal arraignment of Michael Randolph's confessed killer and licensed NRA firearms instructor Andrew Gesslein on August 17 in the courtroom of Judge Bob Steinberg.

Soon after returning home, I composed and launched the following email to Express-Times "reporter" Colin McEvoy, cc'd to Colin's bosses at the ET, big wigs at The Morning Call "newspaper" and 69 "News," Lehigh County DA Jim Martin, Assistant DA Steven Luksa, Judge Bob Steinberg, and 60 Minutes.

Subject: Andrew Gesslein Formal Arraignment

Hey, Colon, I noticed you arrived in Judge Steinberg's courtroom today right at the end of Andrew Gesslein's formal arraignment.

Should be interesting to see what (and how) you write about it.

FYI, you missed the best part ... me politely grilling and dissecting first assistant DA/prosecutor Steven Luksa in the hallway afterwards, with numerous members of Michael Randolph's family listening intently to our exchange.

Basically, I cleaned Luksa's clock (he turned beet red soon into our conversation) by asking him, up close and personal-like, all the excellent questions I've raised in this damaging LVS blog post, see:

Luksa had nuthin'.

It was embarrassing.

It was an even worse ass-kicking than my impromptu campaign debate against Luksa's boss, DA Jim Martin, see:

Colon, you should ask the Randolph family about my excellent questions to Steven Luksa today that Luksa absolutely choked on.

Michael Randolph's mother Michelle Randolph thanked me profusely afterwards for asking them.

And they (still) deserve to be answered.

Like a 1st grader, Steven Luksa leaned on, "Mr. Villa, I don't care what you think."

Seems like the Randolph family cares what I think.

Bill Villa

P.S. Steve, wasn't this your takeaway too?