Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lehigh County Dems Must De-Throne DA Jim Martin in 2011

[1/7/11 UpDate: the popular LVS blog post "Pole Dancing in the Theatre District" has been replaced w/ this even more popular post]

Crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin has not faced a Democratic challenger since 1999.

Thanks to (hopefully awake now) asleep at the switch Lehigh County Democrats, Martin, a Republican, ran unopposed in 2003, and again in 2007.

It's high (hiccup) time for a change in 2011.

Here's why ...

* Power-mad King DA Jim Martin continuously sticks his big fat bulbous 'n boozy red-veined nose into matters he has no business meddling in, like the mayorship of Macungie. Our DA should have better things to do.

* Like for example reading his mail and preventing quadruple homicides.

* DA Martin routinely abuses the unchecked power of his office to victimize innocent citizens like Veronica Rohrer for grandstanding political gain, while curiously not being able to find enough evidence to charge PA's most prolific serial killer Charles Cullen with any crimes-- and whew, breathe easy there friend of Jimbo, St. Luke's Hospital, you've been spared mega millions in litigation from family members of patients murdered by Charles Cullen at St. Luke's Hospital and screw those victims' family members, eh Jim?

* Martin blows big cases and lets guilty killers walk free (or did Martin falsely charge 2 moreinnocent citizens in this case, it was one or the other, you decide), while shamefully dragging his feet on DUI homicide cases and re-victimizing already grieving families.

* A specialty of DA Martin's is wasting taxpayer time and money on petty, ego-driven power struggles with local judges he doesn't "own" through intimidation or campaign contributions (Martin receives money from contributors on an ongoing basis which he then passes along to judges and other politicos since he doesn't need the cash for his own campaigning because the Dems never oppose him).

* Recently, Jim Martin even enlisted the collusion of his GOP pal PA State Attorney General (and now Governor) Tom Corbett in attempting to advance totally trumped-up and phony criminal charges against a grieving father, yours truly, as vendetta for my having hogtied Martin's hands with public exposure and then quashing his efforts to fix the prosecution of my daughter Sheena's killer. Thankfully, my attorney and I outmaneuvered Governor Tom Corbett and DA Jim Martin's petty payback attempt.

* Along the way, and in arrogantly full view of the press and the public, DA (for now) Jim Martin rewards connected cronies from The Morning Call, the local monopoly "newspaper" that has shielded Martin from all criticism and scrutiny ever since his first (hiccup) stumble-bum day in office.

Don't expect to read about any of this in The Morning Call "newspaper" ...

or anywhere else in our local blogosphere.

Because everybody's either in the bag for Jim Martin, or scared shitless of him.

Lehigh County Democrats, too? We'll see, eh?

If they don't announce a Democratic candidate soon, we'll have our answer.


I have a very personal axe to grind w/ DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call "newspaper" and I grind it every chance I get. You can read about it here ...

and here ...

11/24/10 UpDate: This morning, The Morning Call "newspaper" online re-published, on its front page, their cheerleading news story on DA Jim Martin's re-election announcement that was already a week old. Obviously, the "newspaper" (which has always been a press release machine for Martin) is afraid and feeling the need to counter our efforts here at LVS (around 11:00am, they deleted it because of the mass email attention we drew to it). Game on.