Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's Stop Bernie O'Hare

Master Of Deceit & MisDirection that Bernie O'Hare is ...

and because we deftly exposed some VERY clumsy legal jeopardy missteps O'Hare has made recently, namely:

* O'Hare published a threat to sabotage Sheena's civil litigation that implicates attorney (for now) Dave "The Gremlin" Najarian

* O'Hare published a threat about our home address that inadvertently (oopsie) revealed he may be stalking and staking out our residence ...

today B. O'Hare, um, shifts gears, and um, changes course, and MISDIRECTS YOUR ATTENTION away from Bill Villa and onto a NEW VICTIM AT THE TROLL PARADE BLOG.

This is part legal maneuver too.

See this way, O'Hare can tell the judge he wasn't 2709 A 3 criminally harassing "troll" Bill Villa ... exclusively.

No, Your Honor.

He was only doing his self-appointed job of policing our local blogosphere and punishing and harassing ALL bloggers whose content he does not approve of.

And I'm sure the judge will be fine with this ... eh?


Now that "The Authority" Bernie O'Hare has selected a 2nd victim for his Troll Parade Blog (and who knows, O'Hare's 3rd victim may be YOU) ...

is anyone feeling even maybe, oh, I dunno, say even a little twinge of concern, and Civic Duty, regarding stopping this asshole O'Hare?

Pop me an e-mail if you'd like to JOIN ME IN STOPPING BERNIE O'HARE.

This post was composed by Mr. Dottie, Bill Villa.