Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 3 Excellent Questions for Muhlenberg College Professor Jeff Pooley

"LVCI," the anonymous author of a local blog nicknamed (by us) "0 Comments" retired from blogging yesterday. Boo Hoo.

We'll believe LVCI is really retired when we stop seeing his IP# on our blog's SiteMeter(R) ten times a day. LVCI blames us for his retirement (?) and here we had been deemed "marginalized" and w/ "no credibility" (wink wink) and w/ nobody reading us. So apparently our strangle-hold (not a threat) influence is still very much intact, what a relief.

Formerly (oopsie) presumed smart person Jeff Pooley (pictured above) out of a sense of "civic duty" (wink wink), we suppose, vaulted himself off the Swiss sidelines to LVCI's aid yesterday w/ a subpoena-activating blog post entitled, "LVCI calls it quits."

Professor Pooley allowed no comments--not even moderated comments--at his post slamming us.

I emailed Professor Pooley last evening politely requesting that he phone me today. He emailed me back (in like 3 minutes) and said he would.

[UpDate: Pooley emailed us at 1:30-ish. His lengthy comment is reprinted in the comments section of this post in its lengthy 2-Part entirety. Pooley doesn't address my 3 Excellent Questions (nobody ever does) ... but he is commenting here and there's somewhat of a dialogue going on, see the comments ...]

FYI, I have 3 excellent questions for Jeff Pooley, PhD, if you happen to see him hiding under a desk at Muhlenberg College.

My 3 Excellent Questions for Professor Jeff Pooley

1. "LVCI cites the implied threats in the comments thread to LV Somebody’s most recent post, which are indeed troubling."
-Jeff Pooley, Allentown Afterthoughts

Jeff, please point out these "troubling" "implied threats" to me, as they stood at the time you posted your blog on us.

2. " ... the main issue, says LVCI, is harassment and intimidation from the bloggers behind Lehigh Valley Somebody."
-Jeff Pooley, Allentown Afterthoughts

Jeff, Bernie O'Hare and Dave Najarian have brayed similar accusations of "harassment and intimidation" against Angie and me and have taken us to court over these issues. Recently, criminal courts in both Lehigh and Northampton Counties found me not guilty and told the accusing parties, in essence, that they were full of shit. Since you've galloped in (on a white horse) to rescue and defend Team O'Hare member and anonymous coward "LVCI," I assume you have some firm beliefs regarding the legal merit of LVCI's accusations of "harassment and intimidation." Please explain them to me.

3. "I refuse to comment on the Villas’ dispute with others, just because I simply don’t know enough."
-Jeff Pooley, Allentown Afterthoughts

And yet Jeff, curiously, you clearly perceive ...

a) The Villas as the "bad guys" who employ "tactics" you (somehow) know enough about to disapprove of ...

b) Team O'Hare are the "good guys" (know anything about their tactics?) who do not deserve to have their blogs "boycotted."

Please explain.