Saturday, December 19, 2009

O'Hare-Duped Dunce Donovan Drops By (to taunt us)

[12/31 UpDate: Read more sadly revealing back and forth w/ Donovan in the Comments section]

Readers, at our previous post, Cedar Crest College "Ethics" (wink wink) professor and Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) W. Michael Donovan posted and signed this woozy comment:

"Hey Bill, Since you name me directly, I'm going to write an entry. You are so nice and liberal. Progessive [sic]...etc. So I read your blog. I too feel that some the [sic] democrats are missing an historical [sic] opportunity You [sic] read mine, and leave very nice anonymous entries. Love them. When you decide to stop harassing people you do not like, let me know. I don't think you can edit my entry so...let me tell people how I sat down with you several times to discuss the death of your daughter. How I met with people at the Morning Call several times to get an audience. How I stood up to the District Attorney when he called you an asshole, and told him that he was wrong. This is what I do for my constituents. Then, just because in my role as ciy [sic] councilor, [sic] I have entries published in the Morning Call, which you hate, suddenly you hate me. You know, as someone who also lost daughter to bad circumstancs [sic]--- yes, the surgeon blew it --- I challenge you to move on. I challenge you get [sic] rid of your hate. I challenge you to decide that you cannot blame everyone who does not do exactly what you want them to do. We all feel your pain. We all know what you have been through. We all know that it is hell. But do not believe for one moment that we hate you. Want people to know that? Publish this entry, I dare you. If you can edit it, [sic] I'll reprint this in [sic] my blog." Best regards Michael Donovan Vice President City Councilor [sic] Fri Dec 18, 06:52:00 PM 2009

" ... just because in my role as ciy [sic] councilor, [sic] I have entries published in the Morning Call, which you hate, suddenly you hate me." -Donovan

Bill Villa writes: Nah. That's not why we hate you Mike, and you know that. We hate you because of your endorsing and enabling alliance with evil sadist Bernie O'Hare and his co-defendants. You should be condemning O'Hare and the tactics he uses on people he chooses to emotionally terrorize, like my grieving family ... instead of blowing him breathless kisses ... because you're scared shitless of him.

Also ... I don't "harass" people.

I fight back against
those dumb enough to provoke me ...

and I
kick their asses in court.

Let me repeat that:
I kick their asses in court.

more ass kicking on the way, btw.

And Mikey ..
Jim Martin barked at you one time at a dinner party and you ran for the hills wearing wet panties. Thanks for nuthin' on this front. Ditto w/ Glenn Kranzley where your phony and totally ineffective "civility" only made it easier for Glenno to make believe he was ignoring me for a while there.

Re: your verbiage on "hate" and "moving on" and "challenging me" and "blaming everyone" and "we all feel your pain" and "we all know what you have been through" (that's a good one) ... I won't even dignify this drivel w/ a response.

But thanks for reading
Lehigh Valley Somebody obsessively and compulsively. Our hope is that one day you might actually learn something.

Donovan: you're an O'Hare-Duped Dunce, and those will be the first words out of my mouth the next time I run into you in public and we'll proceed from there.

> Readers, and registered voters, it should be noted that despite the reams of exposé truth we've published on evil sadist hate blogger Bernie O'Hare since last August, in response, Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) Michael Donovan has just gotten cozier & cozier w/ O'Hare, a resident of Nazareth PA, next county over. It's mind boggling to us how anyone could be so non-discerning, and stupid-- let alone a city council vice president (for now).