Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chris Casey on Bernie O'Hare

"If anyone were to take a good look at who in particular is at the center of all these ... "BLOGFIGHTS" ... you will see one variable each time. Bernard V. O'Hare." -Chris Casey

So true Chris, including the current Michael Donovan/Ethics Board debacle. Who's to blame here? Bernie O'Hare. And you, Chris. It was you and O'Hare and Rolf Oeler who posted all those sadistically cruel and clearly libelous comments at City Councilor Mike Donovan's blog that has Donovan in so much ethical hot water right now. Sure, O'Hare-Duped Dunce Donovan giddily published those hundreds of provoking comments to curry favor and reciprocal blog publicity from you both regarding Donovan's (now dashed, sadly) Allentown mayoral aspirations. But it was you three who penned and posted and signed all those vile comments.

Readers, ironically, this time last year, Chris Casey had evil sadist hate blogger Bernie O'Hare all figured out. In a stunningly accurate and passionate rant at the blog of a Very Special Somebody, this was Chris Casey's spot-on "take" on Bernie O'Hare (the further illuminating highlight links are mine).

Chris Casey said...

Let's get one thing clear.

Bernie O'Hare had his license to practice law
revoked in 1986.

They are never going to give it back, even if he tried to get reinstated,
right Bernie?

That didn't happen because he was such a great guy, it happened because he LIED. He forged Documents.
He screwed over clients.

Did I
leave anything out?

He uses his blog to settle personal and political scores, perceived and in many cases non-existant.

Bernie has written
lie after lie about me, in vain attempts to discredit me, but I am still around.

His Blog is his life, it is all he has, and his sole purpose for existence.

If anyone were to take a good look at who in particular is at the center of all these ... "BLOGFIGHTS" ... you will see one variable each time.

Bernard V. O'Hare the III (Is that elitist enough for you?)

go ahead Bernie, launch into one of your vaunted
ad hominem attacks against me, call me a political kneebreaker, whatever.

I don't give a flying fuck, because I have more important things to do than TROLL the blogosphere 24/7 as a self appointed policeman and decider of what is proper.

I hope to high heaven that on
judgement day, when you stand before God, that she judges you with the same brutality that you have judged the rest of us you self righteous prick.

Bernie O'Hare has become the face of
Blog Hate. For all his trumpeting against media and how it abides hate speech, it is undeniable who the biggest purveyor and participant in that vile activity is. Bernie O'Hare.

So go ahead,
Fire at will Bernie, you can't do me any harm. So spend the next twelve hours composing your 20,000 word point by point rebuttal to my ten minutes of vent. I'll be in bed sleeping soundly while you gnash your teeth and vow revenge.

I'll go to work tomorrow and collect my salary, while you sit in front of your laptop in your underwear and
pray you get a call to research a title. Because even McDonalds wouldn't hire your fat ass to take money at the window, you would scare the kids and probably poach from the happy meals.

I haven't laughed
this hard in a while. Good night Bernie!

Posted by:
Chris Casey | June 03, 2009 at 07:32 PM


((Wait, there's more))

Bernie O'Hare is the penultimate hate blogger, as you now have more than enough evidence of your own. I don't make that assertion out of thin air, all I have to do is read the excerpts from his blog that are emailed to me regularly.

Posted by:
Chris Casey | June 06, 2009 at 11:28 AM

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