Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Donovan Runs & Hides From Apology Showdown Meeting at City Council

[Why won't Donovan apologize to the Villa family? Will we need a court order?]

Readers, below here is the 3-minute exposé essay I delivered at Allentown City Council on Wednesday evening July 21 (I really enjoy public speaking). I actually wrote it to time out at 2 and a half minutes so that I could encourage City Council and all those assembled to use my final 30 seconds of "Courtesy of the Floor" time to reflect silently on City Council VP (for now) "W" Mike Donovan" who was absent and hiding under a rock somewhere. I noticed that the 5 City Council members at the dais (Councilman Schweyer was a no-show too) all used their 30 seconds of "Donovan Reflection Time" to give me icy dagger stares. Gee. I must have this all backwards. See I think Donovan is the bad guy in this story, but obviously City Council thinks I'm the problem. Oh well. Repetition is the mother of learning.

The meeting had started out jovially enough, with promise-ignoring Council President Mike D'Amore barreling into Council Chambers and immediately heading for the "press box" at the back of the room to back-slap and yuk it up w/ Morning Call "newspaper" "reporter" Jarrett Renshaw and self-proclaimed "professional blogger" Chris Casey. Subtle.

At least my pal Allentown Chief of Police Roger MacLean was there and we exchanged warm pleasantries (including a hug where I think he frisked me), although I forgot to assure Roger that come 2011 he won't have to deal w/ (hiccup) Jim Martin anymore. When Chief MacLean got up to speak at the microphone on an issue, I got up and took D'Amore's empty seat in the "press box" w/ Chris Casey and sat right next to Jarrett Renshaw and a hovering cop for half an hour.

Anyways, here's what I said at the podium, and FYI, I'll be doing an encore performance of this at the next City Council meeting on August 4, when, hopefully, "W" Mike Donovan and all the TV news crews will be back from "vacation" (wink wink).

"I'm Bill Villa from Allentown here to report that right after my debut visit to City Council on June 16th, Council VP Donovan deleted the hundreds of sadistically cruel and libelous comments he had knowingly encouraged against my family at his blog for the entire month of March 2010.

And I say knowingly encouraged because Donovan posted this comment himself at his blog that read and I quote: "I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read."

Those fun comments at Donovan's blog (and I gave you hard copy on June 16th) implied and asserted that I engage in necrophilia with my deceased daughter Sheena ... that I drink my own urine ... that I snort Sheena's ashes ... that my wife Angie is going to hell ... and that my still living 8 year old son Gianni is poison. 

Donovan could have deleted those vile comments back in March when they were posted but he didn't. He also could have deleted them after my Ethics Board complaint against him, or after he expressed his "concern" about his blog’s comments on 69 News on June 2nd but he didn't delete them then either.

Only when Donovan found out I emailed City Council links to his cyber terror against my family ... so you could read Donovan's vile for yourselves, did Donovan first change his blog design so the links I sent you wouldn't work ... and then he mass-deleted those hundreds of sadistically cruel comments in a public admission of guilt and wrongdoing.

Clearly it was wrong for City Council Vice President Donovan to knowingly encourage Chris Casey of Trexlertown and [Redacted] to post and sign all those vile comments against my family at Donovan’s blog.

And now that Donovan has publicly admitted his wrongdoing by deleting those filthy comments, my family wants a public apology from Donovan, here at City Council, and in writing for posting at our blog. 

I, uh, can't help but notice that Council VP Donovan has chosen to not be here with us this evening ... even though Council canceled its July 7th meeting for some summer time off ... and even though Donovan knew all about tonight's Apology Showdown. So I'll be back on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month, until pusillanimous Councilor Donovan gives my family and me his long overdue public apology.

Mr. Hanlon [City Clerk and Timekeeper], I'd now like to use the balance of my time for all of us to quietly consider the outrageousness of Michael Donovan's cyber cruelty against my family."

Tick. Tick. Tick.