Monday, July 5, 2010

Villas Justice Mission Attracts National Media Attention


For 30 minutes, starting 'round 7:00pm, hear Bill Villa live on former Air America deejay Nicole Sandler's acclaimed podcast, Radio Or Not, guest hosted this evening by fellow rocker and progressive podcaster Kenny Pick from Cleveland.

For an outline/preview of what Bill will be discussing w/ Kenny Pick for Nicole Sandler's huge audience of hardcore activist liberals across America, see LVS's right sidebar content.

The show will be archived and accessible for re-watching & re-listening shortly after the live national broadcast.

UpDate: Here it is, my segment runs from 00:55:00 to around 1:26:00 > Bill Villa on Nicole Sandler's Radio Or Not, w/ Kenny Pick ... thank you Kenny, and Nicole, and a special thanks to Kenny Pick for starting my segment by playing The Villas infectiously catchy song, "Way To Go" ...