Friday, September 3, 2010

Apology (wink wink) to Bob Romancheck

It's no secret I don't like the Chair of the Allentown Republican Committee, Bob Romancheck.

And it's not just because of his over-powering after shave lotion I've been told is embalming fluid.

I thought it was wrong for Romancheck to show up at my Allentown Ethics Board Complaint Hearing vs. Mike Donovan in June waving around his credentials as a representative of the local GOP (much like Mike D'Amore did recently at T-Mobile), and interjecting himself, officially, into a matter some local powers that be are now desperately braying is "personal" and "frivolous" and should not be discussed at "serious" places like Allentown City Council [more on this free speech issue in our next post coming soon].

Staunchly defending Mike Donovan's right to perpetrate harassment, libel, and sadistic cruelty against my grief-stricken family, here's Bob Romancheck showboating at my Ethics Board hearing.

We also think the Bob Romancheck/Mike Donovan-"led" "Permitgate" investigation by the Allentown Ethics Board into Mayor Pawlowski's recent basement renovations is personal and frivolous and partisan grandstanding bullshit.

But then again Bob Romancheck is well-known for his personal and frivolous and partisan grandstanding bullshit, see the complete dismissal/rejection of his Romancheck v. City of Allentown frivolous personal bullshit.

All this being (humbly) said ... it was wrong of me to greet Bob Romancheck at Allentown City Council on Wednesday September 1 w/ the salutation of "fuckin' cretin" and to inform him that he's "a piece of shit" (in my opinion) as I was leaving. While I greatly admire my forthrightness in telling people what I think of them, to their face, instead of lobbing anonymous blog taunts at them, like most of the local "news" (wink wink) bloggers do, e.g., Chris Casey, it was inappropriate of me to express my rights of free speech in this manner at City Council and I pledge it will never happen again.

Mr. Romancheck: since our SiteMeter(R) spots your IP number lurking on this blog numerous times each day ... and because you've accosted me angrily at City Council (and I'm not changing the subject here) w/ complaints about this blog, we know you'll read this message ...

"Please accept my sincere apology." -Bill Villa

And please tell likely GOP Mayoral Hopeful Mike Donovan that it's not all that hard to admit wrongdoing and issue a public apology and to include the following:

[x] WRONG to let out of town hate bloggers take over your blog for a month

[x] WRONG to not check your blog more frequently for unmoderated, sadistically cruel and libelous comments

[x] WRONG to encourage offensive commenters by commenting yourself that their offensive comments are "fun to read"

[x] WRONG to keep hundreds of offensive comments up at your blog for 4 months
[x] WRONG to use your blog to cyber-terrorize Allentown constituents at the same blog you use to promote "civility" and "mutual respect" in discussing matters of City Council w/ other Allentown constituents and out of town hate bloggers

[x] WRONG (as an A-Town Arts Commissioner) to allow a blog forum for boycotting
The Villas musical performance at Mayfair, including suggestions of removing The Villas from the performer roster and bringing "noisemakers" to disrupt the performance

[x] WRONG (as an A-Town Arts Commissioner) to allow and encourage sadistically cruel blog comments against Angie Villa, acceptor of an Allentown Arts Ovation Award in May 2010 from the Allentown Arts Commission for her tireless volunteer work in starting the Allentown Chen Arts Group to help further the revitalization of Downtown Allentown

[x] WRONG to refuse to admit wrongdoing

[x] WRONG to refuse to apologize

Warmly looking forward to seeing you all again at Allentown City Council on September 15.

FYI, I'll be premiering an all new, 3-minute (minus :40 seconds or so) "Courtesy of the Floor" speech on 9/15, see you then.

Photo Credit: Andrew Kleiner