Thursday, December 2, 2010

"W" Mike Donovan (left) Wimps Out, Cuts & Runs Like The Pusillanimous Phony He Is

Sadly, LVS wasn't able to attend last evening's much ballyhooed budget meeting of Allentown City Council but (like other local bloggers who weren't there neither) we won't let that stop us from writing about it authoritatively.

Here's what we know:

The Morning Call "newspaper" had agenda-manipulated last night into the Fight Of The Century, pitting a maverick "Democrat" (and lifelong Republican before he moved here) city councilor "W" Mike Donovan who's not seeking reelection (wink wink) against popular Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski. The pre-fight hype was that Donovan, w/ alternative budget plan in hand, was gonna teach the Mayor, and City Council, and all in attendance a thing or two about revenue raising and budgeting (Donovan teaches girls "ethics" at Cedar Crest College for now).

Well apparently none of that happened last night as advertised, and Donovan's much-practiced and preached ("I am tired of people saying they cannot afford a tax increase!") "knockout punch," INCREASING PROPERTY TAXES, vanished, curiously, at the last minute like hundreds of sadistically cruel and libelous blog comments that were "fun to read" (according to Donovan) while they lasted, too.

As revealingly reported by 69 News ...

Donovan said earlier this week he was also going to propose an increase in property taxes as part of his alternative plan, but he said last night that he decided not to follow through with that part of his proposal. Yep.

City Council (minus Donovan) subsequently passed Mayor Pawlowski's Popular Budget unanimously.

Here's the updated report from 69 News ... Donovan had more than 100 proposed amendments to the final budget Wednesday night, though he withdrew many of them after his initial attempts failed.

Donovan was spotted crying in his (hiccup) Brew Works beer early this morning in a sore loser, narcissistically whining, pity-extorting, and poorly written new post at his "Inclusion" (wink wink) blog ... but he nervously poofed it quickly. We'll keep our eye out for the revised version (we suspect Jarrett Renshaw is helping him w/ it).

In the meantime, let's all savor this side-splitting classic from the LVS "Best Of Donivan" vault.

Post UpDate: Duped Dunce Donovan has now re-posted his poofed/revised blog post. And we sure do hope he doesn't poof this declaration of political suicide in the last paragraph, and thanks for saving us the trouble of further destroying you, Mike ...

He's done.