Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corbett Rejects 'Gentleman' Jim Martin, Picks Irish Lassie Linda Kelly For AG Job

In what must have been a delicate decision to make against his longtime pal and always generous campaign contributor DA Jim Martin, former PA State Attorney General and now Governor Tom Corbett has selected Allegheny County prosecutor Linda Kelly to run out his remaining 2 years as Pennsylvania's Attorney General, read Morning Call "newspaper" story, Corbett picks female attorney general.

One LVS observer [not
Don Cunning-Ham] who spoke on condition of anonymity told us that Martin lobbied long and hard for the temporary AG job and that, "Martin came this close to getting it."

The rejection must be devastating for DA Martin on several levels, mostly because it signals the beginning of the end of Martin's power cabal and political career.

Back in November, Martin's longtime press release machine The Morning Call "newspaper" tried (impotently) to agenda-frame the AG selection process w/ a speculative, gossipy, and 100% Fact-Free article penned by helpful Harrisburg "reporter" John Micek, read Corbett gets chance to replace himself.

At the time, Micek was disingenuously going through the motions of an "investigation" (wink wink) into collusion involving then AG Tom Corbett, DA Jim Martin, Slatington Magisterial District Judge Rod Beck, and attorney (for now) Dave Najarian, but curiously, just when there was a major break in the investigation, Micek inexplicably abandoned it. Read LVS's disturbing exposé exclusive on this still unresolved matter.

Getting to keep the seat warm in the state AG's office in Harrisburg for 2 years would have been the perfect political exit strategy for now tragically exposed and imminently vulnerable DA Jim Martin.

The AG's job would have been a plum, prestige promotion for Martin, with a healthy raise, and with Ceoltas within stumbling distance.

But now, DA Jim Martin must face Lehigh County voters in November 2011, and w/ a likely challenger this time, and Martin hates to be challenged on anything.

Hopefully, DA Jim Martin's Democratic challenger will challenge Martin on the following scandals and screw-ups in a live televised debate on 69 News.


Game On.

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