Friday, August 12, 2011

When will DA Jim Martin file charges against alleged DUI baby killer Randy Teets?

August 22, 2011 Disturbing text update, and still no charges filed ...

WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News first reported this tragic story honestly, accurately, and immediately, on July 18 ...

[Editor's Note: 69 News has since blocked internet access to their original, Morning Call-scooping July 18th story. They've swapped out their original story's video and inserted a different video with a different story emphasis, i.e., blaming the parents, instead of Randy Teets, for Katrina Gunkel's death (just like The Morning Call is doing) and they've re-dated their original Morning Call-scooping July 18 text coverage as "July 20" at their website. LVS has been attempting to get some clarification on all this retroactive alignment from 69 News but the dots are embarrassingly easy to connect. Obviously, 69 News blinked and backed down from their original story, either because of direct pressure from the DA Jim Martin/Tom Corbett/Morning Call/Mal Gross McGinley power cabal, or, on their own, because of a skittish fear of an inevitable retribution pay back of some kind from petty and paranoid bully DA Jim Martin and his crony protectors at The Morning Call. This is disappointing. We always thought 69 News had potential as a dissent contender and a champion for the inconvenient facts, and the truth, like LVS. We hope 69 News regrets their LVS-exposed lapse of good judgement and journalistic integrity and gets back on a more honest and courageous course, soon. We also hope 69 News director Brad Rinehart is having a nice vacation.]

Even more curious (but par for the course), in its first two coverages of this story, The Morning Call "newspaper" concealed from its readers any mention of alcohol being a factor in the death of 1-year-old baby girl Katrina Gunkel.

The Morning Call: July 18, 2011

The Morning Call: July 19, 2011

Only when this blog called them out in a post here at LVS did The Morning Call finally tell its readers, 3 days later, what they and their longtime crony pal DA Jim Martin already knew ...

Over in neighboring Northampton County recently, concerned citizens were rightfully clamoring for DA John Morganelli's head because it took him 7 days after a holiday weekend to file much more complex double homicide charges against a former cop and alleged double DUI killer John P. Heaney III.

Here in Lehigh County, as of the date of this post, DA Jim Martin has had more than three times that amount of time already ... 25 days ... but still no charges against Randy Teets have been forthcoming.

So how long will it take incumbent, crooked, and incompetent DA Jim Martin to do his job here and file criminal charges against Randy Teets?

For some recent historical perspective, and these cases reveal DA Jim Martin's typical (hiccup) stumblebum slug's pace, it took DA Jim Martin ...

* 2 months-plus to file charges against DUI killer Joshua Share

* 5 months to file charges against DUI killer Joseph Hammer

* 6 months-plus to file charges against DUI killer Miqueas Garcia

* A YEAR to file charges against DUI killer Gregory Williams

So DA Martin, we're watching, and waiting.

Readers: if you think Lehigh County deserves better service, more work ethic, and more justice from its district attorney, on November 8, VOTE ED KOREN FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY.

And while we're watching and waiting for DA Jim Martin to file criminal charges against Randy Teets, let's all make a campaign contribution to Democratic DA candidate Ed Koren. He'll need campaign money to beat The Morning Call/Gross McGinley political machine.

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