Friday, April 23, 2010

The Morning Call's Other "News" (wink wink) Sources

[This post was custom composed for Tim Ryan, the new Publisher and CEO of The Morning Call. We've emailed him a link to this post.]

Mr. Ryan: respectfully, it's disgraceful and disgusting that The Morning Call routinely links its online news stories to disgraceful, disgusting, and disbarred lawyer Bernie O'Hare's Lehigh Valley Ramblings blog as "another source" for news.

O'Hare was kicked out of the lawyering profession for (in the findings of the Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court) dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude [evil intent]. It's all in The Morning Call archives.

Mr. Ryan, are these the Tribune Company's new resume requirements for its "Valley Blogosphere" bloggers and the Morning Call "reporters" who hang (and hang all day, it appears) on these local blogger/opinion venters' every keystroke?

We're hoping your answer is no, and we're also hoping you'll actually answer us-- something the co-architect of "Valley Blogosphere" (w/ O'Hare) didn't have the stomach for.

Mr. Ryan, for your consideration ... your Morning Call "political insider" blogger O'Hare is currently being sued, and your "master of ethical civility" blogger Michael Donovan is currently being probed by the Board of Ethics of the City of Allentown.

O'Hare has never been rehabilitated. O'Hare is still openly and publicly threatening to sabotage the civil litigation of already suffering, grief-stricken families-- the same thing he did, w/ evil intent, to his own African American civil rights client George Usry, and Luzerne County widow Lucille White and her three fatherless children and for which O'Hare was disbarred.

Here's something else you should know, Mr. Ryan.

Staffers from "The Tribune Company" (The Morning Call), your employees, are spotted on this blog's SiteMeter(R), reading this blog, for extended periods of time, sometimes as many as a dozen or more times each day, every day, including weekends.

Curiously, they never report on any of the news items they find so mesmerizing here.

As an astute commenter at our most recent blog post suggested ...


Bill ... Maybe you should email Mr. Ryan a note informing him each time one of his employees visits LVS presumably on company time using a company computer. Mr. Ryan might appreciate the heads-up and look into why his employees are visiting so often during working hours, yet not producing any news articles as a result.

If I was a CEO, I'd see this as a productivity issue.

If I was a publisher, I'd want to know what my newspaper employees were repeatedly looking at that was so damn interesting - yet not interesting enough to get a news story out of.

Perhaps he would spare you sufficient minutes for you to open his eyes re: the disgraceful abomination that is the Morning Call's current model of how to go about affiliating with local blogs.

This is not a trivial part of how a newspaper presents itself to existing and potential consumers.

Wed Apr 21, 11:57:00 AM 2010


Mr. Ryan, we'd like to meet with you. Would you give us that opportunity?

We'll contact you again next week, by phone, to arrange a meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bill Villa & Angie Villa

Lehigh Valley Somebody