Monday, June 14, 2010


Past, Present, Pending
[Last Updated AUGUST 2014]


Big House Arrest Arranged

DA Jim Martin Out-Fixed

Jim Martin Villafied

"Newspaper" Nullified

Reilly Rejected

LaBarre Re-Barred

Ass-Picking "Attorney" Phil Lauer

Ass-Reamed in Appellate Court

Pappy Kranzley Ka-Boomed

Duped Dunce Donovan Denounced



Good Ol' Boys Bullied

Mal Gross's Gross 'Outing'

Lil (5'4") David Najarian Loses BIG

Najarian Comes Up Short

Corbett Throws Martin Overboard

Bill White Trapped Like Rat   

Jarrett Renshaw Runs

Allentown's Mayfair Festival welcomes The Villas,
visit The Villas website, read Reviews

"Judge" Masut Permanently Benched

Team Chris Casey Caught, CyberCastrated

69 News: City Council/Cops Muzzle Inconvenient Facts & Eject Bill Villa

Duped Dunce Donovan Done (But He's Still Extorting Pity)

Duped Dunce Dean Done

Mug Shots of Apathetic Scofflaw Allentown City Council Members

Alfonso Todd Trounced

Allentown's Popular Mayor Ed Pawlowski Visits LVS

Allentown's Popular Mayor Ed Pawlowski confronts DA Jim Martin at LVS