Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yankees Game Preempts Justice Mission

10/7 UpDate: C.C. Sabathia and Yanks Crush Twins, 6-4, More Info

Okay, so I had my blistering new "Courtesy of the Floor" speech all polished up, and I had suited up, and I had showed up at City Council tonight. But as I sat there waiting to speak for a 7th time, I found myself thinking ... what the hell am I doing here wasting my time on all these pathetic dumb-asses? Chris Casey, Bob Romancheck, Loopy Lou Hershman, Jarrett Renshaw, "W" Mike Donovan, Jeanette Eichenwald (who really needs a hairdresser, badly), Julio Guridy, Ray O'Connell (the other 3 City Council cockroaches weren't even there yet).

So when Council"man" Julio Guridy announced they were late for a "meeting upstairs" and would be back downstairs for the regular Council meeting, whenever, I decided to make like a diva and leave and not miss the first pitch of tonight's American League Division Series, Yankees vs. Twins.

Maybe the (wink wink) "upstairs meeting" is a new strategy devised by Council President (for now) Mike D'Amore and City Solicitor Jerry Snyder to lose me. Who knows. Who cares. Go Yanks.