Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bill White: Coward & Liar

In his latest "W" Mike Donovan image rescue attempt on 12/3 (thinly disguised as a rumination on Allentown's 2011 budget approval process), under-achieving Morning Call "newspaper" food/gluttony columnist and obsessive LVS stalker Bill White "wrote" ...

Some councilpeople were speculating about whether a less dramatic increase in that Earned Income Tax, combined with a small property tax increase, might be more equitable, but Pawlowski was having none of it.

"If you would like to do that," he [Pawlowski] answered, "I would be more than happy to look at any proposal council would put forth."

Politically, it was the perfect, if somewhat smarmy, response: Put your record where your mouth is.

Q. Mr. White, what exactly was "smarmy" about Mayor Pawlowski publicly stating his willingness to consider a 2011 budget plan other than his own? Seems to me Mayor Pawlowski was throwing the door wide open for the 7 City Council members (all Democrats) to cooperatively forge a plan that, if better, would have been readily apparent to the many tuned-in citizens in attendance at City Council chambers last Wednesday evening as was reported on by 69 News ... no?

And ... wasn't last Wednesday evening supposed to be "W" Mike Donovan's moment to shine and dazzle everyone? Especially after all that pre-fight hype in The Morning Call "newspaper!"

Q. Mr. White, wouldn't "coward" have been the most appropriate word for you to use in describing "W" Mike Donovan's wimping out, cutting & running, and not even presenting his much ballyhooed alternative budget plan at City Council last Wednesday?

Instead, not only do you give Donovan a total pass on crapping out (in his pants), you disingenuously praise the "guy" as a maverick.

And most tellingly, you purposefully don't tell your handful of readers anything about the outrageous and insulting statements Donovan is making to, and about, the voters at his "Inclusion" blog, like for example this newsworthy nugget: "I have no sympathy for the voters, none."

Q. Readers, is "liar" too strong a word to use in describing Bill White?

I would be more than happy to look at any counter proposal Bill White would put forth.

In the meantime (if Bill White's 12/3 column isn't enough proof for you that he's a coward and a liar), see: Michael Donovan Ethics Board Whitewash.

As you can see, not only did "reporter" Jarrett Renshaw and "columnist" Bill White not tell their readers anything about the nature of the vile, anti-Villas content at Donovan's blog that triggered our complaint against Donovan to the Allentown "Ethics" Board ... Renshaw and White (w/ the approval of their editors) also both name-checked the author/perpetrators of all that signed anti-Villas vile at Donovan's blog as testimonial character witnesses for Donovan-- never mentioning that these Donovan "character witnesses" were also the author/perpetrators of all that anti-Villas filth at Donovan's blog.

Those are The Inconvenient Facts, folks.

Bill White is a coward and a liar.

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