Friday, September 10, 2010

Council Prez, aspiring Judge Mike D'Amore gets physical, harasses Bill Villa at Dem Picnic

Behaving more like a union-busting goon than an elected official endorsing veiled threats against non-union local companies, Allentown City Council President (for now) Mike D'Amore PhD (pictured) went totally out-of-control berserk on me at last night's Democratic Party Picnic in Schnecksville.

As I attempted to enter the Schnecksville Fire Company Pavilion uneventfully, D'Amore, standing outside the door, spotted me, and bull-rushed towards me like volatile Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver used to rush umpires. D'Amore aggressively shoved his over-fed and over-weight girth directly against my rippling chest, got his spittin' mad and foaming at the mouth face about an inch from mine, and screeched that I had no business being there and that my only reason for being there was to harass people. I swear to this on Sheena's ashes. I then calmly asked D'Amore the excellent question, "Who's doing the harassing here, Mike?" As D'Amore resumed his threatening tirade, I laughed in his vein-popping face and asked him another excellent question: "You don't even know how over-matched you are, do you Mike?" Sadly, one of the kitchen workers standing outside w/ D'Amore (who I'm guessing D'Amore was hitting on) was the only person (I know of) who witnessed D'Amore's outrageous tantrum, and she later coldly told me she'd require a subpoena to tell anybody what she saw. I'm fairly certain any local "newspaper" "reporter" or "news" (wink wink) blogger could probably spin an entirely different story out of her. Just sayin'.

After surviving (yawn) D'Amore's outdoor "welcome," I had a lovely time inside chatting w/ the Democrats. Many recognized me from this blog or 69 News coverage, introduced themselves to me, and complimented Angie and me on the Villas Justice Mission. D'Amore's verbal/physical abuse notwithstanding, I had an important reason for attending last night: I wanted to find out if there's any dedicated movement in the local Democratic Party to de-throne Lehigh County DA Jim Martin in 2011 ... and I am thrilled to report here that there indeed is.

When I got home, I sent this email to Mike D'Amore, cc'd to Allentown City Council and some friends in the local media ...

On Sep 9, 2010, at 8:31:03 PM, Bill Villa wrote:

Subject Heading: Duh, More?

Mike, I gotta tell ya ...

your psychotic, chest-bumping, foaming at the mouth "greeting" of me at the Dem Picnic
on Thursday night ...

tells me
exactly how far I have burrowed myself under your skin.

Thanks for revealing that to me :)

As I mentioned (1" from your vein-popping face), you don't even know how grossly over-matched you are, in addition to being a jackass.

See you at City Council on Wednesday Sept 15, and on the
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.


Bill Villa

I won't hold my breath waiting for D'Amore's public apology.

On a happier note, rumor has it that sad sack buttinsky and Allentown GOP Chair Bob Romancheck (far right) has abruptly resigned.

Gee, we hope it wasn't because of anything we said ...