Friday, October 1, 2010

Will Council, Cops, and Cronies Succeed in Muzzling Bill Villa's Truth about "W" Mike Donovan?

When: Wednesday, October 6, 7:30pm.

What: Bill Villa speaks truth to power again and hammers a few more nails in the political coffin of "W" Mike Donovan during "Courtesy of the Floor."

Why: Somebody's got to confront Allentown's crooked colluding cronies and figuratively knock them on their asses (and out of office) and I'm really good at it.

All New, blistering, 3-minute "Courtesy of the Floor" speech, don't miss a minute of the action-- the best part is watching the 7 City Council cockroaches scurry & squirm, ignore the truth about Cedar Crest College Ethics Professor Donovan, and stare at the clock, totally powerless and pusillanimous.

At the last meeting, non-union company thug/threatener and Allentown City Council President (for now) Mike D'Amore was so rattled by the truth I was telling about "W" Michael Donovan he ordered the Allentown Police to eject me from the room ... as 69 News filmed it all ... and Morning Call "reporter" Jarrett Renshaw (sitting crony-cozily in the "press box" w/ Donovan blog perpetrator Chris Casey) made believe he was reading the "newspaper."

Only in Allentown.