Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peyton R. Helm and Carmen Twillie Ambar

UpDate: Pooley changes Donovan link; no apology.

Open Letter/Email to Muhlenberg College President Peyton R. Helm, cc'd to Cedar Crest College President Carmen Twillie Ambar

President Helm, on Friday evening Feb 4 at his blog, your assistant media and communication professor Jeff Pooley once again published another provocative and taunting blog comment directed at my grief-stricken family.

As in numerous prior instances, the Friday night comment at Pooley's blog was posted and signed by the same known local blogger, Chris Casey, who harassed and cyber stalked my grieving family all of March 2010 at the participating blog of Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor W. Michael Donovan. Both Casey and Donovan are friends with your media and communication professor Pooley, who, apparently, insists on staying on the 'cutting edge' of cyberstalking by providing a forum for it.

At his blog, professor Pooley has disingenuously disclaimed that he will not allow blog commentary that fuels the fire of any "personal disputes." And yet, Pooley continues to routinely allow Mr. Casey (left) a known cyber tormentor of my family, to attack and provoke us at his blog.

And in an apparent and defiant (albeit passive-aggressive, and pusillanimous) alliance w/ cyberstalkers of Chris Casey's ilk, professor Pooley has blocked my IP address so that I cannot post comments in defense of myself and my family at his blog, while Mr. Casey is welcome to bray away against us there.

President Helm, this is your "media and communication" professor we're talking about, or, trying to, I should say-- so far you've ignored 50+ polite email outreaches from me on this subject. I'm starting to take the hint that you don't want this matter to resolve quietly, peaceably, and out of court.

As you know, Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor W. Michael Donovan, just in time for Christmas (and in a pusillanimously passive-aggressive maneuver of his own), recently re-posted on the internet his cyber cornucopia of blog filth against my family (much of it posted and signed by Chris Casey) that he had previously deleted because TV cameras from 69 News had started to watch him.

As soon as professor Donovan figured the TV cameras were off ... he re-posted everything.

And as soon as "ethics" professor Donovan re-posted everything, his "media and communication" pal, your professor Pooley, re-activated a long dormant sidebar link at his blog, thus enabling his readers handy (and, local blogosphere exclusive) 1-click access to Donovan's re-activated anti-Villas blog filth.

President Helm, President Ambar, these are the provocative and dangerous cyber games being orchestrated and played by your respective college professors Pooley and Donovan.

For the record, both of you have ignored repeated polite outreaches from me to discuss and resolve this ongoing serious matter.

Q. How many more of my polite emails and phone calls will you be ignoring?

I'll keep count ...

In the meantime, may I suggest that you both call your respective professors in on your respective presidential carpets ASAP and ask them both ...


Then please get a Resolution Report to me w/ in 24 hours.

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