Friday, February 5, 2010

Doing Research on Bernie O'Hare

Recently, Muhlenberg College Professor Jefferson Pooley, PhD "promised" in a comment at this blog (for the 2nd time in a year) that he would "research" the ugly blog war that's been raging since August 2008 between incorrigible (yet lovable) political bloggers Angie and me and evil sadist hate blogger Bernie O'Hare (pictured) and his cyber-stalker team of duped dunces.

"Pooley's Pledge" to discover "what's all this about?" is very much a face-saving maneuver for Dr. Pooley. It's also a pledge we highly doubt he'll follow-through on (for a second time).

"Pooley's Pledge II" was made only after astute commenters at LVS took Dr. Pooley to task for his highly unscholarly and likely libelous action of voicing a very strong and public opinion on a blog war-related issue at his blog, w/ out knowing shit from shinola (or so he claims) about the "backstory" on it-- by his own admission. Making matters worse (and highly illiberal), Dr. Pooley disabled comments on his uninformed post which effectively muzzled all dissent. Comments have since been enabled, but we likely won't have anything to say over there, opting instead to have our comprehensive say here and here.

Curiously, who's to blame for this blog war remains a "toss up" for Dr. Pooley.

Are the bad guys the grief-stricken Villa family who lost a daughter to a drunk driver and had to aggressively (and ingeniously) outmaneuver DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call to get justice? Or are the bad guys the folks (endorsed by The Morning Call, BTW) who've put up a blog dedicated to misinforming and deceiving the public, and taunting and provoking a grieving family by defiling their deceased daughter and threatening to sabotage her wrongful death litigation?

PhD Pooley's puzzled; he can't decide.

For anyone who's "doing research," try to look beyond the name-calling and focus on the RELEVANT, i.e., the 3 counts in our civil lawsuit vs. O'Hare ...

1. Malicious Prosecution
2. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
3. Libel

We didn't craft these accusations out of thin air.

It's all "out there" in our local blogosphere, and much (not all) of it is condensed, for your convenience, at our blog's right sidebar.

Something to also keep in mind ...

Our Winning Track Record in court involves presenting SUBSTANTIVE prosecutions and defenses to judges and juries.

* We were instrumental in getting Sheena's killer nearly 2x the typical PA state prison sentence for DUI homicide (and nearly 1,000x the typical DA Jim Martin wrist slap for DUI homicide drinking buddies)

* We were awarded $3.1 Million in our lawsuit against Sheena's killer and O'Malley's Bar

* We prevailed vs Dave Najarian (yawn)

* We prevailed (breezily) vs O'Hare

If any of the judges or juries in any of our victorious criminal and civil cases thought we were "nutz" ... they did not express that opinion to us.

We've been very pleased w/ their opinions, verdicts, appeal rejections, appeal reversals, and damages awards, and we expect to continue being pleased by the local courts.

Honestly, we don't care who's "doing research," as the only opinions that really matter here are mine, Angie's, the Judge's, and the Jury's.

We are pleased our sharp lawyer is doing subpoena research.

Just sayin'.