Saturday, February 20, 2010

NorCo "Bulldog" Ron Angle Caught Forging Signature Like Disbarred Lawyer Bernie O'Hare?

FACT: Evil sadist hate blogger Bernie O'Hare has been barred from practicing law since 1986 because he forged an African American client's signature on a phony settlement agreement, w/ evil intent, thus willfully sabotaging his own client's civil rights litigation against Bethlehem Steel.

FACT: In banning O'Hare from the lawyering profession, the Disciplinary Board of the PA Supreme Court cited the following reasons: dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude (evil intent).

FACT: Proving he's never been rehabilitated, O'Hare and attorney (for now) David Najarian, Lynn Township Supervisor, publicly threatened to sabotage the civil litigation of my daughter Sheena at their "Troll Parade" blog in 2008.

FACT: Local media, including The Morning Call "newspaper" and WFMZ-TV "news" regularly quote and spotlight O'Hare as a reputable source for news, information, and opinion.

FACT: This blog has provided much better coverage of O'Hare's ugly past, and present, than anything you'll find in the local media or blogosphere. Compare and see for yourself. Here's our coverage ...

So did O'Hare Benefactor/Sugar Daddy Ron Angle forge his father's signature on the will?

We don't know ... but that's what some people are saying and by the way O'Hare is scrambling & spinning at his blog on the topic it only makes Angle look guiltier (twice), check that, thrice, wait, there's 3 more new Angle spin-posts at Ramblings, me thinks O'Hare doth protest way too much.

If you find yourself believing every word O'Hare says, sadly, you could be an O'Hare-Duped Dunce like Jeff Pooley PhD and you should seek immediate Med-Psyche attention.