Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Hypocrisy of Rick Daugherty, Mike Donovan, and the O'Hare-Duped Dunce Dems

If you're among the thousands of Lehigh County voters who have been following the previous three posts here at LVS, you know that Team Rick Daugherty/Bernie O'Hare recently rejected my offer to help them beat crooked and (hiccup) incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin in the 2011 election.

Because of the Lehigh County Democratic Party's shameful history of apathy, incompetence, and fear of Jim Martin, and its dismal failure to produce a challenger candidate, DA Jim Martin ran unopposed in both the 2007, and the 2003, "elections." And w/ the local Dems obviously not serious about finding a candidate to oppose Martin in 2011, it's looking like an unopposed 3-peat cruise-in-progress for "Jumbo Jimbo" (left), pictured w/ O'Hare-Duped Dunce Dem and Lehigh County Executive (for now) Don Cunning-Ham.

Curiously, the reason given by the local Dems for their ostracizing and muzzling of me is because I "bash Democrats" (e.g., Mike Donovan, pictured above) at this blog ... which I've tried to explain ... to deaf (and dumb) ears. And of course we don't see it as "bashing." Like most people w/ a brain (and a conscience) we see it as a civic-minded "calling out" of those O'Hare-Duped Dunce Democrats who enable and legitimize a "man" (wink wink) who takes great pleasure in emotionally cyber-torturing already suffering, grief-stricken families. And O'Hare hails and spews lies from Northampton County it should be noted, not Lehigh County.

Although The Morning Call "newspaper" has (in the past) briefly glossed over O'Hare's history of sadistic emotional torture, these days the "newspaper" features and favors O'Hare (and Donovan) as part of its "Valley Blogosphere" cooperative of local bloggers, ensuring a closed loop of crony cozy coverage for select shameless local politico publicity whores of both parties.

The three Lehigh County Dems most guilty of the social conscience transgressions of granting O'Hare interviews, access, and public interaction are Allentown City Council members (for now) Mike Donovan and Mike Schlossberg and Lehigh County Executive (just barely) Don Cunning-Ham. We'll continue calling out these O'Hare-Duped Dunce Dems here at LVS.

And get this, on the subject of "bashing" (and this is the hypocrisy part), apparently it's perfectly A-OK by the local Dems for their Allentown City Council Vice President (for now) Mike Donovan to bash me, at his blog. Yep. This is not a problem.

As was pointed out by an LVS commenter this week ...

The City Official said...

" ... here's Allentown City Council Vice President and "Democrat" (wink wink) Michael Donovan hosting a blog that's enabling and encouraging taunting provocations of the Villas.

Donovan claims in his blog's header that he is
"exploring the options for mutual respect," see if you agree ...

Michael Donovan's "Inclusion"

Anonymous said...
" ... maybe Villa will take the "Villa Pledge" and do the city a favor and run for City Council next year. We need the entertainment of an actual ASSHOLE running for office." -March 1, 2010 6:51 PM

Anonymous said...
" ... Villa, You are the professional Asshole. You have set a bar so high no one can dream to touch it. Be Proud, Asshole of Assholes ... you stand for just being an ASSHOLE." -March 2, 2010 7:53 PM

Anonymous said...
"At their Mayfair Concert, The Villas plan to perform their version of the Denis Leary Hit "Cuz I'm an Asshole." -March 3, 2010 5:48 AM

Note: Michael Donovan's "Inclusion" blog draws its inspiration from another local blog dedicated to harassing the Villas, the Bernie O'Hare/Dave Najarian co-created "Troll Parade" blog. -Wed Mar 03, 07:16:00 PM 2010

And this isn't the first time Mike Donovan has enabled and encouraged a free-for-all bashing of the Villas, check out Donovan's post (and all the comments) entitled, "A Statement."

Readers, as you can see at Donovan's blog, and as I have pointed out to Councilor Donovan in three unrequited emails so far (the last one cc'd to Team Daugherty/O'Hare), there's an anonymous commenter at Donovan's blog attempting to engage Councilor Donovan. This commenter has an excellent question that deserves to be answered by Councilor Donovan.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Donovan, the comments here [at your blog] that are needlessly disparaging grieving father and political activist Bill Villa ...

is this what you consider a "civil" discussion based on "mutual respect?" -March 4, 2010 9:28 AM

Update: Allentown City Council VP (for now) Michael Donovan hosts, enables, and encourages an all new, 100-comment, libel-loaded Team O'Hare cyber bullying gang-up against The Villas. Sadly, it was yet another losing effort.