Friday, February 26, 2010

Local Dems Not Serious About De-Throning DA Jim Martin

So ... I had been planning on calling Rick Daugherty last night anyway, to find out if the Lehigh County Democratic Party Officers had approved my "request" (and really, it was an "offer") to meet with them regarding how to beat crooked and (hiccup) incompetent DA Jim Martin in the 2011 election ... when suddenly ... this taunting anonymous comment appeared in our blog's in-box at 7:47pm ...

"Gee, to bad the demos turned you down and your won't be speaking to the officers. Oh well"

Hmm. Could this taunting anon know something I don't know yet? I called Rick Daugherty and sure enough ...

"The Lehigh County Democratic Party Executive Committee has turned down your request to meet with the Officers," Chair Rick Daugherty told me. Rick then said he was "sorry" for not calling me after the decision was handed down (i.e., rigged & rendered) on Monday night ... 3 days prior. Guess I wasn't much of a priority for Rick. Oh well.

Apparently though, someone from the Democratic Party Executive Committee was thoughtful enough to inform at least one person of its decision to deny & muzzle me-- that person being last night's taunting anonymous commenter from Team O'Hare who was, quite apparently, "in" on the decision. Our guess is that the taunting anon was probably O'Hare acolyte and "connected" (wink wink) perennial Dem candidate wanna-be loser Chris Casey who is a frequent taunting anonymous commenter here at LVS and who also has a documented history of sinking ships w/ his loose lips. Our guess on who led the charge against me among the Executive Committee Dems would be either or both of two well-known evil sadist shit-lovers and fawning fans of O'Hare on the Executive Committee, Pete Wernsdorfer and Mike Schlossberg. Just hunches, of course.

The reason Rick Daugherty gave for my denial & muzzling is "because you bash Democrats at your blog."

Well .. ya got me there, Rick.

We do indeed bash some Democrats (and some Republicans) at this blog-- in fact, in a bipartisan spirit, we bash all local politicos who ally w/ and enable the sadistically cruel and libelous provocations that are perpetrated against my grieving family by evil sadist hate blogger and lawsuit defendant Bernie O'Hare.

The richly deserving bashee Democrats who all worship regularly at the altar of O'Hare are Allentown City Council members Mike Donovan and Mike Schlossberg, Lehigh County Executive Don Cunning-Ham, and pusillanimous fellow faux dems Jeff Pooley and Geoff Brace (left).

Rick Daugherty, taking a page from the Jeff Pooley Playbook, claimed he "didn't know anything about" the shameful behavior of O'Hare-Duped Dunces like Allentown City Council VP (for now) and "first wave" subpoena recipient Mike Donovan, however, and again straight from the Pooley Playbook, Daugherty accepted as Gospel whatever character assassinations were hurled at moi by Executive Committee members "in the know" (wink wink) on the blog wars. And that's how things work around here, I'm finding out. I'm "guilty," even after being exonerated of phony charges in two crooked counties and w/ O'Hare lapdog devotees like Schlossberg, Donovan, and Jeff Pooley taking action against me in the aftermath of their evil pal O'Hare losing to me, in court, twice, so far.

Oh well.

Rick Daugherty told me the Dems are "still very interested in finding a candidate to run against Jim Martin in 2011."

I told Rick I'll believe it when I see it, and I reminded Rick that Jim Martin ran unopposed in 2007, and 2003, because the local Dems didn't give the voters of Lehigh County a Democratic choice.

My Opinion: by excluding me from the process (for now), the local Dems have shot themselves in the foot. Not only do I have a treasure trove of damaging campaign issues against Jim Martin all neatly organized already ... I'm also an advertising copywriter and the author of all the successful campaign ads, brochures, radio spots, direct mailers, etc., for the last guy who won the office of District Attorney in Lehigh County before Jim Martin. Yep. Additionally, I possess both the means, and the motive, to de-throne big bad Jim Martin.

Oh well.

If the Dems do find a candidate (Zzzz), I'll just contact that person directly and circumvent petty O'Hare loyalist-obstructionists (and apparent fans of Jim Martin?) like Pete Wernsdorfer and Mike Schlossberg.

Out of the question (I guess?) would be a meeting w/ the Dem Officers to discuss de-throning O'Hare-Duped Dunces Donovan, Schlossberg, and Cunning-Ham next election. Oh well.


UpDate: Best Comment So Far

Lehigh County Democrat said...

My Take...

It's pretty slick (and sick) that the LC ExecCom Democrats are being duped into ostracizing their best ace in the hole versus Jim Martin, Bill Villa (and duped by another (alleged) "democrat" no less), which will likely result in a 3rd, unopposed 4-year term for a DA who is near-unanimously despised by both Dems and GOPs,
James B. (for burp) Martin.

What we're seeing here is the exact brand of jealousy and
"schadenfreude" (on the part of the Team O'Hare/Morning Call bloggers) versus civic-mindedness (a.k.a. the Villas) that has always doomed the Lehigh Valley and especially Allentown.

Over & Out...

Sun Feb 28, 09:57:00 AM 2010