Friday, February 12, 2010

Upcoming Lehigh County DA Race

UpDate: Somebody other than LVS has finally stepped up to challenge DA Jim Martin: Meet Ed Koren. Visit: Ed Koren website.

Crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin has not faced a political challenger at the polls since 1999.

Martin, a Republican, ran unopposed in 2003, and again in 2007.

It's high time for a change this year on election day in November 2011.

Here's why ...


Game On.

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Original Post

Angie and I had a terrific breakfast meeting at West Side Diner a few months back w/ RICK DAUGHERTY, Chair, Lehigh County Democratic Party.

Rick was "all ears" about the local Dems putting up a candidate to run against crooked and incompetent Lehigh County District Attorney
Jim Martin (pictured).

Rick said it was good that I was bringing it up this early (next election is 2011), since the Dems would likely need a good head of steam to beat Martin and his connections.

But since that seemingly productive breakfast meeting, Rick Daugherty has thrice (so far) ignored this follow-up email from me, last sent Tuesday and cc'd to all the Lehigh County Democratic Party Officers: Linda Minger, Helen Sheerens, Courtney Robinson, and Celeste Dee.

On Feb 9, 2010, at 10:21:52 AM, Bill Villa wrote (for a 3rd time) ...

Hi Rick, I'd like to address your committee, some time soon. I'd like to make the case that it's the committee's civic duty (and its political party duty) to put a candidate up against typically unopposed Lehigh County DA Jim Martin next election. I have a half dozen fact-laden exposé examples of Martin's crony-crookedness and incompetence that somehow never made it into The Morning Call. There's so much political ammunition to use against Martin ...

When can this meeting be arranged?

Keep me posted, thanks Rick.

Best Regards,

Bill Villa